If I can't play music, what am I gonna do? Music keeps people sane. When you enjoy yourself, most of the time the people who are listening to you enjoy it.

— Zoot Sims

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We were all influenced by Lester [Young].

Listen to the records that he made with [Count] Basie. Nobody's got what he's got. He's still the daddy.


Music keeps people sane.


Ninety-five percent of my audience was white.


If I don't play for a while, it's just like getting hungry.


My mom would have liked it that I patterned myself more after Jimmy Reed.


I just take a tune and play it the only way I can.

That's it. I don't really dwell on it very much. Some people probably do. I can only say I play it the way I feel it.


As long as you've got your horn in your mouth, you're developing.

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