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If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.

Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding. — Andre Gide

Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there. — Will Smith

Everything comes down so pasteurized everything comes down 16 degrees they say your amplifier is too loud turn your amplifier down are we high all alone on our knees memory is just hips that swing like a clock the past projects fantastic scenes tic/toc tic/toc tic/toc fuck the clock! — Patti Smith

Good shot, bad luck and hell are the five basic words to be used in a game of tennis, though these, of course, can be slightly amplified. — Virginia Graham

We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom. — Alfred Kastler

It's incredibly fun to play someone that you don't like. It exorcises your own demons in a way. It's cathartic. We all have things that we don't like about ourselves, little things. And I get to amplify those things and put them out there. It's fun and it has a cleansing effect. — Ed Helms

Amplifying acoustic instruments more than a little is really cheating, and everything becomes a compromise. — Richard Thompson

Why did they keep changing guitars and amplifiers when they were perfect? They did the same things with cars, if you ask me. They forgot how to make them right, because they focused on style and bells and whistles. — Buddy Guy