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Now if the harvest is over, And the world cold, Give me the bonus of laughter, As I lose hold.

John Betjeman, poet

If you have some magical chemistry that actually find the music you make compelling, that is a big bonus.

Geddy Lee, musician

Every game I played was a bonus.

Graham Roberts, actor

The extras are a nice bonus feature, but the main incentive is the musical experience.

Aaron Neville, musician

Getting on stage is a bonus, that's my therapy, that's when I can tell stories and it all makes sense.

Jason Mraz, musician

My dream was to be known as a writer and to be able to produce at least one book that would be read by people. That dream came true with the publication of my first novel - and all the rest has been a sweet bonus.

Robert Cormier, author

The fact that I've achieved this so soon is just a bonus, I guess. Everything from now on is a bonus for me.

Karrie Webb, athlete

I took a job at the pool in order to earn the five cents a day it cost to swim. I counted wet towels. As a bonus, I was allowed to swim during lunchtime.

Esther Williams, actress

Every time I work with a European director, I find they hire the person that captures the spirit of the role. Americans tend to hire the best face. The person that looks more like the role, whether they can perform the role or not is a bonus.

Elizabeth Pena, actress

A lot of companies make diversity a part of the performance goals against which an executive gets paid. Just as you have to make a certain sales number, you have to make a diversity number to get your bonus.

Vernon Jordan, businessman

I hope Britney doesn't get bummed out that Lindsey is a better singer. It is not Lindsey saying it, it's me. Lindsey would never say that. She's an actress first. It's just a bonus that she can dance and sing.

Virginia Madsen, actress

A bonus: You don't have to diet to direct.

Joey Lauren Adams, actress

When I came back, I wasn't looking past this year. This is a bonus for me. I just wish it would have turned out a little better, but we all don't get what we want all the time.

Vinny Testaverde,

These girls play tennis first and foremost, the fact that many of them are very glamorous is a major bonus for any promoter.

John Lindsay, politician

Success is the most important to many, to me it's just a bonus.

Lucas Grabeel, actor

I love doing the voice of Batman because of the quality of the animation. The music is particularly incredible. Another bonus is getting the opportunity to work with some very respected actors who do not usually do voice work.

Kevin Conroy, actor

I feel like after acting, the other half of why I love this business is the opportunity to work with and meet people who inspire you. That it pays my rent is a good bonus.

Aaron Yoo, actor

I love acting, but it's all just a bonus.

Tim Vine, comedian

I was supposed to be authoritative, but at the same time had to be likeable, a quality that is a bonus, not a requirement, for men in the same position.

Dee Dee Myers, public servant

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