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Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

— Clark Gable

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Take my handkerchief, Scarlett. Never, at any crisis of your life, have I known you to have a handkerchief.

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail. - Rhett Butler

Gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original;

in fact, it is a kind of imitation that produces the very notion of the original as an effect and consequence of the imitation itself.

If I could be anyone, I'd choose the lead singer of Arcade Fire, Win Butler.

Say you’ll marry me when I come back or, before God, I won’t go.

I’ll stay around here and play a guitar under your window every night and sing at the top of my voice and compromise you, so you’ll have to marry me to save your reputation.

Butler could kill you a hundred different ways without use of his armoury.

Though I'm sure one would be quite sufficient.

In my opinion butlers ought To know their place, and not to play The Old Retainer night and day.

A lot of people didn't get to see Butler's skills throughout the course of the season.

Butler's interception comes off as a great play, which it really was, at the biggest time of the year.

Butler was seeing the world as it was, complete with L.E.P retrival team

Scarlett, always save something to fear—even as you save something to love.

Dear Scarlett! You aren't helpless. Anyone as selfish and determined as you are is never helpless. God help the Yankees if they should get you." -Rhett Butler

I was so raw I didn't know about the Lambeau Leap-a Packer player celebrates catching a touchdown by leaping into the stands. It was started by Leroy Butler years before and has been copied by players all over the league. Don't be fooled, though. The only legitimate Lambeau Leap is celebrated by a Packer at Lambeau Field.

Let's not kid ourselves here, robots already run most of our world.

We'll be their butlers soon enough.

Only interested in himself and profiting from the war as an unscrupulous entrepreneur, and not in being a patriot: "I believe in Rhett Butler. He's the only cause I know. The rest doesn't mean much to me."

When I find a ladybug I ask the butler to take it outside instead of killing it.

McGovern couldn't carry the South if Rhett Butler were his running mate.

Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There's nothing like having a midget for a butler.

Scarlett O'Hara is going to be a thankless and difficult role.

The part I'd like to play is Rhett Butler.

There were only two men on the planet better educated in the various martial arts than Butler, and he was related to one of them. The other lived on an island in the South China Sea, and spent his days meditating and beating up palm trees. You had to feel sorry for the B'wa Kell.

I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.

I want peace. I want to see if somewhere there isn't something left in life of charm and grace.

Give me a platter of choice finnan haddie, freshly cooked in its bath of water and milk, add melted butter, a slice or two of hot toast, a pot of steaming Darjeeling tea, and you may tell the butler to dispense with the caviar, truffles and nightingales' tongues.

I was never one of those girls who dreamt of Prince Charming.

To piss off my mom, I would say, 'I'm never having kids and I'm going to be a fabulously rich old maid with cute butlers and dogs.'

You should be kissed and by someone who knows how.

Every man sees a little of himself in Rhett Butler.

I've been a huge Psychedelic Furs fan for a long time.

I love Butler's paintings, too. I like all their songs. I'll even crank 'Pretty in Pink,' I don't care.

If I said I was madly in love with you, I'd be lying and what's more, you'd know it.

Sophistication might be described as the ability to cope gracefully with a situation involving the presence of a formidable menace to one's poise and prestige (such as the butler, or the man under the bed -- but never the husband).

Sophistication might be described as the ability to cope gracefully with a situation involving the presence of a formidable menace to one's poise and prestige (such as the butler, or the man under the bed - but never the husband).

The common error today is to bring God so close that we strip Him of His "godness." We think we have him figured out. So God becomes our pal, our buddy, our Divine Butler." from "Dug Down Deep

Come, let us pity those who are better off than we are.

Come, my friend, and remember that the rich have butlers and no friends, And we have friends and no butlers. (excerpt from 'The Garrett')

During a mock battle attended by President Warren Harding in 1921, Marine Corps General Smedley D. Butler exhumed the arm [of Stonewall Jackson; he didn't believe it was buried there] and reburied it in a metal box.