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Power will be maintained by the groovy guy or gal who gets the most media coverage for his sleaze. Naturally, his friends in various businesses will do okay, too.

— Frank Zappa

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The Iraq War marked the beginning of the end of network news coverage.

Viewers saw the juxtaposition of the embedded correspondents reporting the war as it was actually unfolding and the jaundiced, biased, negative coverage of these same events in the network newsrooms.

The automatic stabilizer is unemployment insurance, food stamps, additional coverage of Medicaid.

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Their coverage on the Fox News Channel has been atrocious.

The stuff that comes out of Sean Hannity's mouth has been infuriating. The stuff that Bill O'Reilly says has been illogical. You go up and down the schedule and it's insanity over there. The number of lies, perpetuated, promoted by Fox News is just shameful and it hurts everybody.

Quality child care, health insurance coverage, and training make it possible for former welfare recipients to get, and keep, jobs.

Surveys have shown going back as far as you and I can remember that people have perceived a leftward tilt in the basic coverage that they get on TV news.

We have so much to cover and so little time to cover it.

Howard Gardner refers to curriculum coverage as the single greatest enemy of understanding. Think instead about ideas to be discovered.

I get 0.5 seconds to react to a ball, sometimes even less than that. I can't be thinking of what XYZ has said about me. I need to surrender myself to my natural instincts. My subconscious mind knows exactly what to do. It is trained to react. At home, my family doesn't discuss media coverage.

War coverage should be more than a parade of retired generals and retired government flacks posing as reporters.

Look at the declining television coverage.

Look at the declining voting rate. Economics and economic news is what moves the country now, not politics.

We have some breaking news from our dedicated kale coverage desk here at NPR.

Starting now, Chick-fil-A has kale on its menu next to the spicy chicken sandwich and the waffle fries. It's called the Superfood Side.

We've got to do fewer things in school.

The greatest enemy of understanding is coverage... You've got to take enough time to get kids deeply involved in something so they can think about it in lots of different ways and apply it.

As Iraq erupts in civil war and America again contemplates intervention, that unfinished business should give new urgency to the question of how the United States military controlled the media coverage of its long involvement there and in Afghanistan.

The whole problem with news on television comes down to this: all the words uttered in an hour of news coverage could be printed on a page of a newspaper. And the world cannot be understood in one page.

The first rule of hurricane coverage is that every broadcast must begin with palm trees bending in the wind.

The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way.

Intervention for the prevention and control of osteoporosis should comprise a combination of legislative action, educational measures, health service activities, media coverage, and individual counselling to initiate changes in behaviour.

The only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage.

When I graduated college I needed to make money while I was pursuing acting, so I read screenplays and made a living writing coverage on them for studios.

The issue of universal coverage is not a matter of economics.

Little more than 1 percent of GDP assigned to health could cover all. It is a matter of soul.

Soaring prescription drug costs have placed a tremendous strain on family budgets. They have also imposed a heavy burden on employers - both public and private - who are struggling to provide affordable health insurance coverage to their workers.

The networks initiated the discussion of live coverage.

But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happening everywhere in the world, cable news makes life seem like it's just an endless string of disasters - when, for most people in most places today, life is fairly good.

It is no longer enough to simply read and write.

Students must also become literate in the understanding of visual images. Our children must learn how to spot a stereotype, isolate a social cliche, and distinguish facts from propaganda, analysis from banter and important news from coverage.

He is not someone who went off to play in Europe and only a few Americans follow. He has the potential to be on magazine covers and more newspaper coverage.

My fiancee's brother-in-law was recently paralysed in an accident and it really brought home the fact that thousands of young people live with spinal injuries. It's an issue I wish had more coverage.

Code coverage - In computer science, test coverage is a measure used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is executed when a particular test suite

Contingent coverage - Contingent coverage is designed to apply when the party who is supposed to purchase the builder's risk policy fails to do so, or obtains the coverage but fails

Coverage (genetics) - Coverage (or depth) in DNA sequencing is the number of unique reads that include a given nucleotide in the reconstructed sequence. Deep sequencing refers

1992 Los Angeles riots - rallying point for activists in Los Angeles and around the United States. Coverage was extensive during the first two weeks after the incident: the Los Angeles

Coverage of Google Street View - the other nearby cities, towns, suburbs, and parks. Many areas that had coverage were represented by icons. On May 25, 2007, Street View was announced.

Fault coverage - Fault coverage refers to the percentage of some type of fault that can be detected during the test of any engineered system. High fault coverage is particularly

Coverage probability - In statistics, the coverage probability of a technique for calculating a confidence interval is the proportion of the time that the interval contains the

Extended coverage - An extended coverage endorsement (EC) was a common extension of property insurance beyond coverage for fire and lightning. Extended coverage added insurance

National coverage determination - A national coverage determination (NCD) is a United States nationwide determination of whether Medicare will pay for an item or service. It is a form of

I certainly don't read coverage of me, I read what else is going on that I need to know about to do my job.

Seeing the same coverages, the same personnel, and for us to change the whole scenery, and bring somebody else in that’s necessarily competitive, a professional competitiveness, where guys are respecting each other’s careers, but yet are getting better. For us to come out here and a get a win, I think it helped us with those practices.

I am all for using business - public and private - to expand healthcare coverage.

Our system of private health insurance that fails to provide coverage to so many of our citizens also contributes to the double-digit health care inflation that is making America less competitive in the global economy.

War isn't a TV show with plot twists to keep the viewers interested.

The proliferation of images and blanket media coverage have suffocated the life out of old-style photojournalism.

The Republicans suddenly are very concerned about people losing their health coverage! I would believe that they were worried about our well-being if a) they didn't cut food stamps; and b) they didn't oppose every law regulating guns.

The Holy Grail of universal coverage in the United States may remain out of reach unless, through rational collective action overriding some individual self-interest, we can reduce per capita costs.

You have to use your mind n the NFL. Every player is smarter. Defensive backs bluff and disguise coverages to try to fool you.

When you're bringing in a fairly unknown candidate challenging a sitting president, the population needs a lot more information than reduced coverage provides.