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Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. — Pope John Paul II

It is a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot. — Vladimir Nabokov

There's only a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot. — William Kennedy

As soon as someone like me or David Lynch pops up everyone says hallelujah, how weird. — Robyn Hitchcock

I don't want to massively slag off Marvel, I don't. Because they have just employed a woman to be their superhero, and so hallelujah. — Rebecca Hall

The boundless capacity of the African American spirit in this country to say Hallelujah anyhow, to use our joy as a weapon, to use our creativity as a weapon, to use our moral clarity and our deep experience as a weapon not just to save Black people but to save all of these people. — Van Jones

"Hallelujah" is a joyous expression the Christians have, but "Hare Krishna" has a mystical side to it. It's more than just glorifying God; it's asking to become His servant. And because of the way the mantra is put together, with the mystic spiritual energy contained in those syllables, it's much closer to God than the way Christianity currently seems to be representing Him. — George Harrison

Hallelujah and Hare Krishna are quite the same thing. — George Harrison