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Those who are skilled in combat do notbecome angered, those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.

— Zhuge Liang

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Judo quote The best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone

The best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt on any style. He kicks too good for a Boxer, Throws too good for a karate man, and punches too good for a Judo man.

If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.

The purpose of the study of judo is to perfect yourself and to contribute to society.

Walk a single path, becoming neither cocky with victory nor broken with defeat, without forgetting caution when all is quiet or becoming frightened when danger threatens.

Before and after practicing Judo or engaging in a match, opponents bow to each other. Bowing is an expression of gratitude and respect. In effect, you are thanking your opponent for giving you the opportunity to improve your technique.

Judo should be free as art and science from any external influences, political, national, racial, and financial or any other organized interest. And all things connected with it should be directed to its ultimate object, the benefit of Humanity.

Carefully observe oneself and one's situation, carefully observe others, and carefully observe one's environment. Consider fully, act decisively.

True spirit of Judo is nothing but the gentle and diligent free spirit.

Judo rests on flexible action of mind and body. The word flexible however never means weakness but something more like adaptability and openmindedness. Gentleness always overcomes strength.

Walk a single path, become neither cocky with victory nor broken with defeat.

Judo helps us to understand that worry is a waste of energy.

Judo is a study of techniques with which you may kill if you wish to kill, injure if you wish to injure, subdue if you wish to subdue, and, when attacked, defend yourself

Judo teaches us to look for the best possible course of action, whatever the individual circumstances.

There are people who are excitable by nature and allow themselves to become angry for the most trivial of reasons. Judo can help such people learn to control themselves. Through training, they quickly realize that anger is a waste of energy, that it has only negative effects on the self and others.

For one thing, Judo in reality is not a mere sport or game.

I regard it as a principle of life, art and science. In fact, it is a means for personal cultural attainment.

You have to have fear in order to have courage.

Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength.

Judo taught me that I am capable of anything... I can mentally push past anything and be victorious.

The best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man.

The best fighter is someone who can adapt on any style. He kicks too good for a Boxer, throws too good for a Karate man, and punches too good for a Judo man.

You progress not through what has been done, but reaching towards what has yet to be done.

Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically.

Do not place hope in finding a secret technique.

Polish the mind through ceaseless training; that is the key to effective techniques.

In Randori we teach the pupil to act on the fundamental principles of Judo, no matter how physically inferior his opponent may seem to him, and even if by sheer strength he can easily overcome him; because if he acts contrary to principle his opponent will never be convinced of defeat, no matter what brute strength he may have used.

This is Annabeth,” Jason said. “Uh, normally she doesn't judo-flip people.

Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious.

If you think, you are late. If you are late, you use strength. If you use strength you get tired. And if you get tired, you die!

In randori we learn employ the principle of maximum efficiency even when we could easily overpower an opponent.

The Japanese have a word for it. It's Judo - the art of conquering by yielding. The Western equivalent of Judo is, "Yes dear".

I'm not afraid of the devil. The devil can handle me - he's got judo I never heard of. But he can't handle the One to whom I'm joined; he can't handle the One to whom I'm united; he can't handle the One whose nature dwells in my nature.

Hours of preparation for something that is excecuted, with extreme precision, in a few minutes. Just as with a judo throw.

One thing that I learned from judo... Maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

In Judo, he who thinks is immediately thrown.

First learn to become invincible, then wait for your enemy's moment of vulnerability.

Rock and roll is catching on all over .

. . France . . . England . . . They even have it in Japan, only over there they call it judo.

In order to achieve victory you must place yourself in your opponent's skin.

If you don't understand yourself, you will lose one hundred percent of the time. If you understand yourself, you will win fifty percent of the time. If you understand yourself and your opponent, you will win one hundred percent of the time.

Boxer guys are very tough and they play a very tough game, but its a game.

Karate guys, tae kwon doe guys, kickboxers or judo guys, they are very tough guys and a lot of heart and a lot of training, but its very specifically as a sport. It's not a fight. A fight is everything goes.

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