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I like being able to have things that identify you in a brand without blatantly showing a logo. — Shaun White

But with rap music - not just N.W.A. - but rap music in general, seeing these artists wearing these team logos all the time started bringing a synergy and energy about having to rep your city, your team, everywhere and all the time. — Ice Cube

I'm not trying to be evasive, but when I say yes and no, I say 'yes' because there are narrow-minded people that won't look past the logo and 'no' because 'American Idol' put me in front of millions of people and I would not have a career without 'Idol.' — Bo Bice

In the late-'80s, there was a big push to make American football big in Scotland. The Super Bowl was on TV, but it didn't really catch on. When I was a kid, though, I became a big Miami Dolphins fan. I don't really know why - I just liked the logo, I guess. I didn't really know what was going on. — Kevin McKidd

Jesus isn't a logo, I'm not promoting some company, some brand. I'm just professing my faith. — Stephen Baldwin

There were IBM logos designed for the film, and there were IBM design consultants working with Kubrick on the layout of the controls and computer screens. — Douglas Trumbull

Every state's emblematic propaganda is worshiped by the consumer-citizen as a super-logo, a brand Juggernaut. — Bryant H. McGill

There are some teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, and you know exactly who they are and what they mean. — LeBron James