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Top 10 Saxophone Quotes (BEST)

  1. Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you. — Charlie Parker
  2. I understood that if I wanted to work, the saxophone was the main instrument. The clarinet was what we call a double. — Lee Konitz
  3. I play drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, piano. — Norman Wisdom
  4. I practice my saxophone three hours a day. I'm not saying I'm particularly special, but if you do something three hours a day for forty years, you get pretty good at it. — Kenny G
  5. If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it's like the human voice. — Stan Getz
  6. I wanted to play saxophone, but all I could get were a few squeaks. — Stevie Ray Vaughan
  7. The potential for the saxophone is unlimited. — Steve Lacy
  8. The saxophone is an imperfect instrument, especially the tenor and soprano, as far as intonation goes. The challenge is to sing on an imperfect instrument that is outside of your body. — Stan Getz
  9. Saxophone is one thing, and music is another. — Steve Lacy
  10. You can work on the saxophone alone, but ultimately you must perform with others. — Steve Lacy

The Most Famous Saxophone Quotes

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The soprano has all those other instruments in it. It's got the soprano song voice, flute, violin, clarinet, and tenor elements and can even approach the baritone in intensity. — Steve Lacy

Benny Goodman was one of the big influences as a clarinet player. That's why I wanted the clarinet. — Lee Konitz

Well, being a jazz musician is not a rose garden! — Toots Thielemans

Jazz is my adventure. I'm after new chords, new ways of syncopating, new figures, new runs. How to use notes differently. That's it. Just using notes differently. — Thelonious Monk

The ability to play the clarinet is the ability to overcome the imperfections of the instrument. There's no such thing as a perfect clarinet, never was and never will be. — Jack Brymer

I played trumpet in middle school, and then I had to get braces, so I had to stop playing trumpet and start playing drums. — Brendon Urie

I like jazz, but I could never play it. You just sit there with a guitar the size of a Chevy on your chest, wearing a stupid hat, playing the same solo for an hour. — Dave Mustaine

The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air. — Kenneth Miller

The breath of the flute player: does it belong to the flute? — Rumi

All the classic jazz players all sang and a lot of 'em sang blues. — Mose Allison

Short Saxophone Quotes

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  • I don't have a definition of Jazz. You're just supposed to know it when you hear it. — Thelonious Monk
  • Esquire, in a July, 1957 issue, has a photograph of me playing the French horn at the Five Spot. — David Amram
  • Jazz is the type of music that can absorb so many things and still be jazz. — Sonny Rollins
  • The trombone is too sacred for frequent use. — Felix Mendelssohn

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Saxophone quote by Stevie Ray Vaughan

I wanted to play saxophone, but all I could get were a few squeaks. — Stevie Ray Vaughan

Saxophone Player Quotes

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I always hated jazz guitar. I loved jazz saxophone but I hated jazz guitar. If I would buy an organ trio record I would make sure I'd buy one that did not have a guitar player on it. The sound was awful! — Tom Verlaine

As a horn player, the greatest compliment one can get is when a person comes to you and says, 'I heard this saxophone on the radio the other day and I knew it was you. I don't know the song, but I know it was you on sax.' — Clarence Clemons

Tim Price is one of the real ones ! A good friend and a great player ! — Phil Woods

I like what Oliver Lakes does on the saxophone. The saxophone comes pretty close to the sound of the human voice and when Oliver plays with other sax players, it's like a dialogue. — Yusef Komunyakaa

Actually, when I was very young, first starting to play, I think I probably listened more to clarinet players than to saxophones. — Gerry Mulligan

I spend a lot of time copying saxophone players and trumpet players. Not to say that it is not important to listen to guitar players, but there's so much music out there and so many possibilities. I like anyone who plays any instrument. — Bill Frisell

Louis Armstrong changed all the brass players around, but after Bird, all of the instruments had to change - drums, piano, bass, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, everything. — Cootie Williams

After I left Texas and went to California, I had a hard time getting anyone to play anything that I was writing, so I had to end up playing them myself. And that's how I ended up just being a saxophone player. — Ornette Coleman

Alto (saxophone) is just a very hard instrument; there's so few people that play it really well. I feel it's the best one, too, now. At first I didn't feel that way; I wanted to be a tenor player. It took a long time for me to feel that alto was the most expressive of the saxophones. — Art Pepper

I spend a lot of time copying saxophone players and trumpet players. — Bill Frisell

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More Saxophone Quotes

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The saxophone is so human. Its tendency is to be rowdy, edgy, talk too loud, bump into people, say the wrong words at the wrong time, but then, you take a breath all the way from the center of the earth and blow. All that heartache is forgiven. All that love we humans carry makes a sweet, deep sound and we fly a little. — Joy Harjo

That's the beautiful thing about the saxophone. It can peacefully coexist with just about anything - whether it's hip-hop, rap, rock music, pop, R&B or jazz, there's a place for the saxophone in all of those styles. — Dave Koz

The saxophone was created to mimic the human voice and I think that's why I gravitated toward the saxophone eventually. I'd loved the clarinet, but there's something about the saxophone that just grabs you. — Matana Roberts

Bill Clinton is like a lot of white politicians. They eat soul food, they party with black women, they play the saxophone, but when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, they make the same decisions that are destructive to African people in this country and throughout the world. — Sister Souljah

I throw a Christmas party at my house. It's not really a Christmas party, because I don't want to call it a Christmas party. But let's just say I put a lot I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead. — Clarence Clemons

So I'm looking to the saxophone as a resource which has its own unique set of possibilities. I'm looking to exploit them and develop them and have the fullest range of possibilities of the saxophone be known. — Evan Parker

Making a painting is like playing the saxophone. You hit the note and it comes out. — Julian Schnabel

Drum on your drums, batter on your banjos, sob on the long cool winding saxophones. Go to it, O jazzmen. — Carl Sandburg

I practiced saxophone eight hours a day for the first two years I played. — Stan Getz

You know, when I'm playing, I think of myself in front of the Wailing Wall with a saxophone in my hands, and I'm davening, I'm really telling it to the Wall. — Stan Getz

There's so much music out there & so many possibilities. I like anyone who plays any instrument. — Bill Frisell

I was not a band geek, per say. But me and my two older sisters played instruments, so I would come home and my sister Dana would be playing the clarinet or playing the piano, and I would play the saxophone, my other sister would be singing, my mom would be singing. I was not afraid to be musical. That was not something that I thought was uncool. — Miles Teller

I play saxophone, I play tenor sax. — Andy Serkis

The drum is the heart of music. The saxophone can play and then rest, as can all of them except the drums; the drummer keeps going - he can't afford to stop. — Jo Jones

The sax solo as we know it today would not exist without Gerry Rafferty. His 1978 soft-rock classic 'Baker Street' has to be the 'Ulysses' of rock & roll saxophone, giving the entire chorus over to Raphael Ravenscroft's sax solo, creating one of the Seventies' most enduringly creepy sounds. — Rob Sheffield

The saxophone is the embodied spirit of beer. — Arnold Bennett

I heard Sidney Bechet play a Duke Ellington piece and fell in love with the soprano saxophone. — Steve Lacy

I get stoned, I can't get home, I'm calling long distance on a public saxophone. My head is achin', my back is breakin', feel I got run over by Captain Coconut and his dog named Rover. — Jimi Hendrix

I've been working on the soprano saxophone for 40 years, and the possibilities are astounding. It's up to you, the only limit is the imagination. — Steve Lacy

The worst waste of breath, next to playing a saxophone, is advising a son — Kin Hubbard

I try not to talk during the day when I have a show that night. My voice is my instrument, just like a saxophonist's instrument is his saxophone, plus also his voice, if he's the one between tunes that makes announcements. — Emo Philips

When somebody turned me on to a Coltrane record around seventh grade, I took up saxophone. — Tom Verlaine

And I saw the sax line-up that he had behind him and I thought, I'm going to learn the saxophone. When I grow up, I'm going to play in his band. So I sort of persuaded my dad to get me a kind of a plastic saxophone on the hire purchase plan. — David Bowie

After one month with a saxophone shoved in my mouth, my military combatant's enthusiasm disappeared completely. Instead of flying choppers behind enemy lines, I started to fantasise about living in New York, London or Paris. — Gilad Atzmon

My father is a real idealist, and he's all about learning. If I asked for a pair of Nikes growing up, it was just a resounding 'No.' But if I asked for a saxophone, one would appear and next day and I'd be signed up for lessons. So anything to do with education or learning, my father would spare no expense. — Hugh Jackman

I like to hear melodies that go from one extreme to the next- saxophone to a bell to a whistle, for instance. — Roscoe Mitchell

Play difficult and interesting things. If you play boring things, you risk losing your appetite. Saxophone can be tedious with too much of the same. — Steve Lacy

The saxophone is a very interesting machine, but I'm more interested in music. — Steve Lacy

I remember once, when I started writing for the alto saxophone, a saxophonist told me to think of it as being like a cross between an oboe and a viola, but louder. — Gavin Bryars

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