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Even Napoleon had his Watergate. — Yogi Berra

Everybody has a little bit of Watergate in him. — Billy Graham

The crusades of Vietnam and Watergate seemed like a good idea at the time, even a noble one, not only to the press but perhaps to a majority of Americans. — Howard Fineman

Lawyers didn't seriously get involved in the Watergate stories until quite late, when we realized we were on to something. — Bob Woodward

This story, I predict, will grow to be worse than Watergate. The American people need to have the answers. — Curt Weldon

Maybe this Watergate is like the Old Testament. It was visited upon us and maybe were going to benefit from it. — Nelson Rockefeller

I have a suggestion that I think would help fight serious crime. Signs. There are lots of signs for minor infractions: No Smoking, Stay Off the Grass, Keep Out, and they seem to work fairly well. I think we should also have signs for major crimes: Murder Strictly Prohibited, NO Raping People, Thank You for Not Kidnapping Anyone. It's certainly worth a try. I'm convinced Watergate would never have happened if there had just been a sign in the Oval Office that said, Malfeasance of Office Is Strictly Against the Law, or Thank You for Not Undermining the Constitution. — George Carlin

I think that in the minds of many, the press is being seen less and less as a neutral observer in the impeachment enterprise and more and more as participants, or even collaborators. On Media's Participation In Watergate — Patrick J. Buchanan

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