There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has suffered before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.

— Adoniram Judson

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If I had not felt certain that every additional trial was ordered by infinite love and mercy, I could not have survived my accumulated suffering.


The motto for every missionary, whether preacher, printer, or schoolmaster, ought to be 'Devoted for Life.'


I will not leave Burma until the cross is planted here forever.


I am not tired of my work, neither am I tired of the world;

yet, when Christ calls me home, I shall go with gladness.


God loves importunate prayer so much that He will not give us much blessing without it.


A true disciple inquires not whether a fact is agreeable to his own reason.

His pride has yielded to the divine testimony.


After many painful trials, which none can know, but those who are taught to relinquish a system in which they had been educated, I settled down in the full persuasion, that the immersion of a professing believer in Christ is the only Christian baptism.


If God gave light and wisdom, the religion of Jesus was soon learned;

but without God, a man might study all his life long, and make no proficiency.


I never prayed sincerely and earnestly for anything but it came at some time;

no matter at how distant a day, somehow, in some shape, probably the least I would have devised, it came.


Nothing is impossible,' said one of the seven sages of Greece, 'to industry.

' Let us change the word, 'industry,' to 'persevering prayer,' and the motto will be more Christian and more worthy of universal adoption.


It is true that we may desire much more. But let us use what we have, and God will give us more.


Let me beg you, not to rest contented with the commonplace religion that is now so prevalent.


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God answers all true prayer, either in kind or in kindness.


We prefer one room in Rangoon to six in Boston. We feel that we are highly blessed.


No mind, no wisdom--tempora ry mind, temporary wisdom--eternal mind, eternal wisdom.


Permit us to labor on in obscurity, and at the end of twenty years you may hear from us again.


Our prayers run along one road and God's answers by another, and by and by they meet.


I feel it is my duty to plod on, while daylight shall last.


The future is a bright as the promises of God.


Thanks be to God, not--only for 'rivers of endless joys above, but for 'rills of comfort here below.'