Oh God, if there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain.

— Alec Douglas-Home

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To my deafness I'm accustomed, To my dentures I'm resigned, I can manage my bifocals, But Oh how I miss my mind.


A man of integrity will never listen to any reason against conscience.


My wife had an uncle who could never walk down the nave of an abbey without wondering whether it would take spin.


For ebbing resolution ne'er returns, But falls still further from its former shore.


"a fatal and perhaps fateful error of judgment" ".

..this was the last chance for the United Nations to get a grip on themselves and apply the principles of their Charter"


Resentment is, in every stage of the passion, painful, but it is not disagreeable, unless in excess; pity is always painful, yet always agreeable; vanity, on the contrary, is always pleasant, yet always disagreeable.


There are two problems in my life. The political ones are insoluble and the economic ones are incomprehensible.


The doctor unfortunately said I was fit.


...the first casualty (of this crisis) had been the United Nations. It would need an immense effort, an almost superhuman effort, to restore the prestige of that organization