I think you should try... not to try to be better than everyone around you, but try to be better than yourself everyday.

— Anderson Silva

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I am not the best, but I am capable of achieving the impossible.


You must have a dragon hidden inside you. When you need, you let the dragon out.


Everyday that goes by I try to improve myself and searching for something that may even be impossible; perfection.


If Somebody disrespects me they will pay for it. I promise


I believe I can do things people think are impossible.


Things will happen. But you have to believe that nothing is impossible.


I think old age is in each one's head;

so if you're happy doing what you love, you're going to be young.


When you use the steroids, you use them for a long time.

When you use the steroids for a long time, you have a problem. It’s a drug and it’s not good for the sport.


When the guys test for the steroids, they should have no more fights.


When I started out, Jiu-Jitsu was really an elite thing in Brazil, and there was some prejudice towards poorer kids, so I had to learn things on my own. Some of my neighbours started doing Jiu-Jitsu, so I started watching it, and then started rolling with them. It wasn’t organized training, but it was better than nothing.


Racism, prejudice and discrimination are an inexplicable collective stupidity


No one can know what happiness is if you have not gone through the disappointmentOne can only savor the victory if he has felt the bitter defeat.


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Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Birthday April 14, 1975

I already have a story that's been seen in Glory and I have had many highs and lows, victories and defeats. That brought me experience and it will help me a lot to gain the desired world title.


If you train 100% the result will be 100%.


I don't think I'm better than anyone;

I just like to prove to myself that things I imagine can be done.


Behind every champion is a team that prepared him to become that champion.


I practice the martial arts. I don't practice MMA. MMA is my job, MMA is a new sport. Martial arts is the knowledge from the ages.


I am Not The Best, But I Have The Potential To Be Something Great.


What motivates me is to be able to do what I love to do . . . fight


A champion is defined by the adversity he overcomes


One can only savor the victory if he has felt the bitter defeat.


I've already done everything there is to do. Now it's just a matter of doing what I love to do.


I'm just dying to return to the Octagon and do the thing I most love in my life.

That's what I want right now.


I started in this sport at 12 years of age and the goals I set was to be among the best and be the world champion.