If you don't give up, eventually you will break the cycle and you will overcome any obstacle.

ā€” Lyoto Machida

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The uncomfort zone is very important for us.

.. To feel uncomfortable is important to strengthen your spirit. Like the samurai says, if you feel comfortable you must search for the discomfort, don't look only for the easy way.


I try to clear my mind of everything, I try to think of nothing.

I just let my body act, the body can take control and do what it's trained to do.


My philosophy is the same as a Samurai: To hit without getting hit.


The Samurai always has to rise and move on, because new challenges will come.


To be happy is very important to do a great performance because you have to be comfortable; your mind has to be clear.


If you gave up, you've already lost. If you keep going, you get to a new level.


I never fear my opponent, for me he only represents a new challenge to conquer.


You have to walk and believe that you can find the light.


Positivity helps produce better results.


It's not a defeat nor an obstacle that is going to get in the way of our dream, my dream continues, the journey continues


The main thing Karate offers to me is a philosophy of life.

The philosophy of Karate is respect and discipline. You give 100% of whatever you do, in every activity.


I was thinking Im going to die but I'm not going to tap


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Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Birthday May 30, 1978

I believe a lot in what I do and in my work. I believe in me.


This is one of the toughest divisions and Iā€™m going to be champion.


I have to accept everything... I will be back strong.


You can have talent and strength, but the most important is determination.


There's always pressure but I change that pressure into motivation.


When I fight I try to empty my mind... I only see that moment, nothing else matters.


Every time you achieve a dream, you must set another one.

Because that will strengthen your path. Or you will become dead, because if you have no dreams, you have no life.


The good point is when you combine excitement and calm together.


I'm just a regular guy that had a dream and ran for it.


The pressure is always there... I just have got to go out there and enjoy my moment and do my best.


Meditation plays a big role in my life.

Meditation fortifies my spirit, improves my focus, my desire. When I fight I try to empty my mind. It's called Mushin. When I don't see anything around me, I only see that moment. Nothing else matters. that was how I was taught to live.


I use discipline and focus as my greatest weapons.


Before a fight I empty my mind. Every fighter is able to lose. It is not a big thing. You have to accept what comes and remain calm.


If you have a dream in your life, go ahead it's possible, go ahead