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I've never known a writer who didn't feel ill at ease in the world. We all feel unhoused in some sense. That's part of why we write. We feel we don't fit in, that this world is not our world, that though we may move in it, we're not of it. You don't need to write a novel if you feel at home in the world.

— Andrea Barrett

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Adrianne Harun's dark, mysterious novel is by turns Gothic and grittily realistic, astute and poetic in its evocation of evil everywhere.

Andrea Barrett

I'm not adopted. But that longing and that sense of absence ... are perhaps other ways of expressing the actualities of my family. Different facts, same emotions.

Andrea Barrett

Sarah Cornwell has a brilliant eye for the telling detail, and a wonderfully original way of embodying family history. I was captivated by her memorable characters and the perfectly paced revelations of their surprising relationships.

Andrea Barrett

It's hard to explain how much one can love writing.

If people knew how happy it can make you, we would all be writing all the time. It's the greatest secret of the world.

Andrea Barrett

Who is Andrea Barrett?

Andrea Barrett is a American novelist and short story writer
Nationality American
Profession Novelist
Born November 16, 1954
Quotes 5 sayings