I got two choices, both require pain One’s the pain of change and the pain of staying the same One of ‘em leads to joy, other one leads to shame One of ‘em leads to freedom, the other keeps me in chains.

— Andy Mineo

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It takes a moment to make memories and a lifetime to forget them.


Here is the paradox of Christian living. We must give up control of self to gain self control.


God used words to create this planet, so be careful with them.


When married, you're a 1 woman man, when single, you're a 1 woman man! Live like she's out there and stop goofin round with girls you have no future with! Don't waste your singleness. Use this season to know God more deeply, serve others, be generous with your time, $$$ & talents. Be satisfied in Him!


Great leaders inspire, they don't manipulate.


The most beautiful pieces of art come from the ugliest situations.


Emotions change. Truth doesn't. What will you build your life upon?


Love God, Love people, and thoroughly hate sin. ☼ ♡ ✞


My biggest enemy is me and even I can't stop me


Do I worship God or what other people think of me?


I’ve found that God often lets us taste how sweet he is in our most bitter moments.


When have you heard a story about the hero dying for the villain?


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Profession Hip-hop artist
Birthday April 17, 1988

I'm just a product of grace that's still in the process;

And I don't got to be great because my God is.


If u desire to grow in your relationship w God - don't do it alone.

Find a community of people heading in the same direction.