You can't touch love, but you can feel the sweetness that it pours into everything.

— Anne Sullivan Macy

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We all make mistakes, as the hedgehog said as he climbed off the scrubbing brush


You cannot touch the clouds, you know;

but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day. You cannot touch love either; but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love you would not be happy or want to play.


I cannot explain it; but when difficulties arise, I am not perplexed or doubtful. I know how to meet them.


Our material eye cannot see that a stupid chauvinism is driving us from one noisy, destructive, futile agitation to another.


The immediate future is going to be tragic for all of us unless we find a way of making the vast educational resources of this country serve the true purpose of education, truth and justice.


Obedience is the gateway through which knowledge, yes, and love, too, enter the mind of the child.


Language grows out of life, out of its needs and experiences.

..Language and knowledge are indissolubly connected; they are interdependent. Good work in language presupposes and depends on a real knowledge of things.


If the child is left to himself, he will think more and better, if less showily.

Let him go and come freely, let him touch real things and combine his impressions for himself.


We all like stories that make us cry.

It's so nice to feel sad when you've nothing in particular to feel sad about.


Certain periods in history suddenly lift humanity to an observation point where a clear light falls upon a world previously dark.


No matter how mistaken Communist ideas may be, the experience and knowledge gained by trying them out have given a tremendous impetus to thought and imagination.


The truth is not wonderful enough to suit the newspapers;

so they enlarge upon it, and invent ridiculous embellishments.


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Is it not true, then, that my life with all its limitation touches at many points the life of the World Beautiful? Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be, therein to be content.


We have no firm hold on any knowledge or philosophy that can lift us out of our difficulties.


Yes, I am proud, and very humble too.


It is a rare privilege to watch the birth, growth, and first feeble struggles of a living mind; this privilege is mine.


I never taught language for the purpose of teaching it;

but invariably used language as a medium for the communication of thought; thus the learning of language was coincident with the acquisition of knowledge.


A strenuous effort must be made to train young people to think for themselves and take independent charge of their lives.


If my parents didn't push me and didn't support education, I probably wouldn't be here today.... Regardless of whatever they went through and how they may have been treated, they felt education was important. So, it's easier when you have the parents who support it, rather than those who don't.


Language grows out of life, out of its needs and experiences. 828


Too often, I think, children are required to write before they have anything to say. Teach them to think and read and talk without self-repression, and they will write because they cannot help it.


Why, it is as easy to teach the name of an idea, if it is clearly formulated in the child's mind, as to teach the name of an object.