Best scene in college football is at LSU on a Saturday night.

— Beano Cook

The most inspiring Beano Cook quotes that are easy to memorize and remember

You only have to bat 1.000 in two things-flying and heart transplants. Everything else, you can go four in five.


Ron Powlus will win the Heisman two times and be the greatest quarterback in the history of Notre Dame.


You’ll never have a 16-team playoff in college football.

The most that could happen would be four teams in the next century. But after that, I’m dead, so who cares?


My first on the bucket list will be a night game at LSU.

I don't know if I'm ever going to get there. Of all the things in college sports, that would be No. 1.


I hate it. I just do. That [artificial turf], local news, the IRS, and hair dryers are the four worst inventions of the century.


The first word you see at the airport is 'terminal'.


Nebraska sets the standard for how fans should act.


Dracula and LSU Football are at their best after the sun goes down.