Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.

โ€” Benjamin

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Bob Riley, a kind soul who โ€œtreads lightly in this world,โ€ is in the 22nd year of a federal life without parole LSD sentence.


The mountain rill Seeks with no surer flow the far bright sea, Than my unchang'd affections flow to thee.


Pure and undimmed, thy angel smile Is mirrored on my dreams, Like evening's sunset-girded isle Upon her shadowed streams: And o'er my thoughts thy vision floats, Like melody of spring-bird, notes; When the blue halcyon gently laves His plumage in the flashing waves.


The best doctors give the least medicines


I'm king of the dead and I make my throne On a monument slab of marble cold;

And my scepter of rule is the spade I hold: Come they from cottage or come they from hall, Mankind are my subjects, all, all, all! Let them loiter in pleasure or toilfully spin I gather them in, I gather them in!


If we don't hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately


There are in life real evils enough, and it is folly to afflict ourselves with imaginary ones; it is time enough when the real ones arrive.


But then to part! to part when Time Has wreathed his tireless wing with flowers, And spread the richness of a clime Of fairy o'er this land of ours; When glistening leaves and shaded streams In the soft light of Autumn lay, And, like the music of our dreams, The viewless breezes seemed to stray 'T was bitter then to rend the heart With the sad thought that we must part; And, like some low and mournful spell, To whisper but one word farewell!


The art of getting riches consists very much in thrift.

All men are not equally qualified for getting money, but it is in the power of every one alike to practice this virtue.


Great faith it needs, according to my view, To trust in that which never could be true.


Press on! If Fortune play thee false To-day, tomorrow she'll be true;

Whom now she sinks she now exalts, Taking old gifts and granting new, The wisdom of the present hour Makes up the follies past and gone; To weakness, strength succeeds, and power From frailty springs! Press on, press on!


Man and woman have each of them qualities and tempers in which the other is deficient, and which in union contribute to the common felicity.


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