Let your light shine today, and let your personality blossom, too. You don't have to be a people-pleaser, just a people-lover.

— Beth Moore

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Faith is not believing in my own unshakable belief.

Faith is believing an unshakable God when everything in me trembles and quakes.


A bruised heart that chooses to beat with a passion for God amid pulsing pain and confusion may just be the most expensive offering placed on the divine altar.


God has promised to every single one of us that even in our hardest times, if we would just hang on long enough, the blessing will come.


Dirt is dirt, and we've all got it no matter where we come from.

I'm not sure Christ sees one kind of dirt as dirtier than another. One thing is for sure: His blood is able to bleach any stain left by any kind of dirt.


Sometimes God allows storms to come together in such a way that they ultimately fulfill something that would never have happened otherwise.


May God remind us daily-no matter what kind of obstacles we face-that we are loved and empowered by the One who brought the universe into existence with the mere sound of His voice. Nothing is impossible for Him.


If you are not royalty, He is not King.


You cannot keep doing the same thing, the same way, and keep expecting something different to happen.


When God says go forward, don't even think about standing still.


Sometimes a storm in your life is what will blow you to the place you are longing to be.


Trust God to take care of you in all circumstances.

Do you realize what the enemy will lose if you surrender and trust God?


People don't need Christians to act like we always have it together.

People need us to be real! What kind of healing would come if we all just got real before God and others?


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True intimacy with God always brings humility.


We're going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us.


When we live to the glory of God, we show His goodness living through us instead of just ourselves.


If we are leading but not closely following Christ, we are misleading.


Whether we get to avoid pain and suffering or we must persevere in the midst of it, our deliverance comes when we're dragged from the enemy of our souls to the heart of God.


For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. Matthew 12:37


God honors a beautiful blend of gift and grit! He gives the gift, and He expects us to have the grit to practice and learn how to use it effectively.


Good humor and laughter are far too wonderful not to come straight from the heart of God.


When we end up in a situation where we have been rejected, there is an acceptance in Christ of a new place He is going to take us. It is like nothing we have ever experienced. You are accepted in Christ, never rejected by Him.


We know we're coming full circle with God when we stand at a very similar crossroad where we made such a mess of life before, but this time we take a different road.


We must settle in our hearts that no matter what, God is sovereign.


It's a strange thought that sometimes God trusts us more than we trust Him.

God trusts you - can you trust Him?


Satan never wastes a fiery dart on an area covered in armor.


If we wait for the needy to walk through our church doors, we may wait a long time. God doesn't wait for people to come to Him. He goes to them.


Anyone who truly walks with God, walks humbly.

The closer we draw near to Him, the more we behold His majesty!


Prayer guards hearts and minds and causes God to bring peace out of chaos


Spiritual maturity does not mean that we will never make wrong plans.

In fact, spiritual maturity often means having the courage to admit we've made the wrong plans.


Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry.


Peace is one of the most obvious earmarks of the authority of Christ.

A sense of peace will virtually always accompany His will and direction, even when the direction might not have been our personal preference.


You cannot amputate your history from your destiny, because that is redemption.


I don't know a single person who truly seems to bear the mark of God's presence and power in his or her life who hasn't been asked by God to be obedient in a way that was dramatically painful.


No matter whose fault, God sends us through storms so we can land in a place we never would have otherwise.


A big difference exists between trying to manipulate God to give us what we want and cooperating with God so He can give us what He wants.


A person full of the Holy Spirit cannot be full of self.

Pride never accompanies power in the fully yielded life.


Live by faith. Live out loud. And never stop believing God-day by day.


I don't know how, but I know Who


...if God teaches us victory in Christ Jesus day by day, we live in the constant awareness of His greatness and His sufficiency. Hard lessons are often long-lasting lessons. Never forget that God is far more interested in our getting to know the Deliverer than simply being delivered.


How often we expect big things from God without preparing for big things from him


If Jesus gives us a task or assigns us to a difficult season, every ounce of our experience is meant for our instruction and completion if only we'll let Him finish the work. I fear, however, that we are so attention-deficit that we settle for bearable when beauty is just around the corner.


We must be careful to avoid spiritual elitism.

Everything we are and anything we possess as believers in Christ is a gift of grace. Pure hearts before God must be cleansed from any hint of spiritual pride.


We're stronger and braver TOGETHER. Do not let this world and this narcissistic culture make competitors out of the very people who are meant to be your comrades in arms.


When the stakes are high, bow down low.


Satan knows that the nature of humankind is to act out of how we feel rather than what we know. One of our most important defenses against satanic influence will be learning how to behave out of what we know is truth rather than what we feel.


The Bible teaches that there are no lost causes.

No permanent pit-dwellers except those who refuse to leave.


As God took me through the journey that became the Bible study Breaking Free, He taught me to look for a common denominator among the things that triggered my destructive habits.


We were created for the purpose of giving God's invisible character a glimpse of visibility.


Be careful not to give too much credence to the old adage that time heals.

Mark my word. It's God that heals. Time only tells.