If you're in the penalty area and don't know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we'll discuss the options later.

— Bob Paisley

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One of the things I keep reminding players is that when you're lost in a fog, you must stick together. Then you don't get lost. If there's a secret about Liverpool, that's it.


Mind you, I've been here during the bad times too - one year we came second.


The sort of lad I am looking for is a kid who will nutmeg Kevin Keegan in training, then step aside him in the corridor


At the highest level the first two yards are in your head.


I'll admit, right away, that I am disappointed that we did not have a major trophy to show for our efforts. We were in four and we had a good side, but when you count second place as failure, then standards are becoming fantastically high. We never celebrate second place here.


I was aggressive but I played the game because I loved and enjoyed it.

I might have hurt people and I got hurt myself a few times, but not with any malice. When I went on to the field I just wanted to play football. I didn't go out to kick anybody purposely. I just enjoyed playing and if that's aggression, then I'm guilty of that.


Though I hope to have a few more seasons still in senior football, I am studying to be a physiotherapist and masseur when my playing days are over. We married men have to look to the future, you know.


It's not about the long ball or the short ball, it's about the right ball.


I love the city and the people here. I've been with them for many years and I fought alongside them.


I have always preferred to liken the championship to a marathon.

You have to know how to start the race, how to take the strain when problems come along and to make sure you don't give any potentially dangerous rivals an advantage. My policy is to ideally have five or six men around the age of 26, a couple of youngsters, a couple round the 28 mark and one or two in their 30s. But the nucleus of the team should be experienced and not too old.


The physio side probably stemmed from the knocks I got as a player.


No, but you've got to be here in case something does happen.


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The whole of my life, what they wanted was honesty.

They were not concerned with cultured football, but with triers who gave one hundred percent.


I can let the team do the talking for me.


I'd always had an interest in physiotherapy and psychology.

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