God created us with an overwhelming desire to soar. Our desire to develop and use every ounce of potential He's placed in us is not egotistical. He designed us to be tremendously productive and "to mount up with wings like eagles," realistically dreaming of what He can do with our potential.

— Carol Kent

The most unpopular Carol Kent quotes that will activate your inner potential

Beautiful Lies is a book every woman should read.

Jennifer Strickland weaves the powerful story of her life throughout each chapter while emphasizing transformational truths from God's Word. Her vulnerability, exquisite writing style, and practical take-home applications make this book the ideal choice for personal or for small group use.


Growth takes time. God knows that. I know that. And to my surprise, His abundance is mine in the process - not as a prize at the end.


A heart sacrifice is not a formula that can be mastered.

It is a decision that is intrinsically tied to the personal relationship between us and our God.