As soon as I came to believe there was a God, I understood that I could not do otherwise than live only for him.

— Charles de Foucauld

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To receive the grace of God you must go to the desert and stay awhile.


The moment I realized God existed, I knew that I could not do othewise than to live for Him Alone...Faith strips the mask from the world and renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger and fear, so the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy--like a child, hand and hand with his mother.


We should never forget the two axioms: 'Jesus is with me' and whatever happens, happens by the will of God.


Anything that doesn't lead us to that - to better know and serve God - is a waste of time.


What great faith our Lord Jesus Christ asks of us - and how just that is.

Do we not owe him such faith? It looks impossible to us, but Jesus is Master of the impossible.


The one thing we owe absolutely to God is never to be afraid of anything.


You have only one model, Jesus. Follow, follow, follow him, step by step, imitating him, sharing his life in every way.


To love anyone is to hope in him for always.

From the moment at which we begin to judge anyone, to limit our confidence in him, from the moment at which we identify him with what we know of him and so reduce him to that, we cease to love him and he ceases to be able to be better.


It is not necessary to teach others, to cure them or to improve them;

it is only necessary to live among them, sharing the human condition and being present to them in love.


Above all, always see Jesus in every person, and consequently treat each one not only as an equal and as a brother or sister, but also with great humility, respect and selfless generosity.


The absence of risk is a sure sign of mediocrity.


Cry the Gospel with your whole life.


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