110+ Vincent de Paul Quotes On Humility, Poor And Gratitude

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  1. Let us do our duty well; let us go straight to God; let us work to become very humble, very patient, very mortified, and very charitable.
  2. We should strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings and wretchedness of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the spirit of God.
  3. Let us allow God to act; He brings things to completion when we least expect it.
  4. We should spend as much time in thanking God for his benefits as we do in asking him for them.
  5. Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.
  6. The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it.
  7. We must love our neighbor as being made in the image of God and as an object of His love.
  8. Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances.
  9. One beautiful diamond is worth more than a mountain of stones, and one virtuous act of acquiescence and submission is better than an abundance of good works done for others.
  10. All beginnings are somewhat strange; but we must have patience, and little by little, we shall find things, which at first were obscure, becoming clearer.

Vincent De Paul Short Quotes

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  • I will always welcome joyfully any opportunity that comes my way to be of service to you
  • A doctor who keeps a person from becoming ill deserves more merit than one who cures him.
  • Put your trust in Him and following His example, always act humbly, graciously, and in good faith.
  • All comes at the proper time to him who knows how to wait.
  • Fear not; calm will follow the storm, and perhaps soon.
  • Noise makes no good, good makes no noise.
  • Always be quite simple and sincere and ask God to grant me those two virtues.
  • Let us be submissive to Providence, He will see to our affairs in His own time and in His own way
  • Peace is worth more than all worldly possessions; in addition, God rewards it even in this life.
  • . . . [R]estlessness usually stems from pride and from being discontented with one's lot in life.

Vincent de Paul Quotes On Humility

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Practice humility and patience. — Vincent de Paul

We must be firm but not rough in our guidance and avoid an insipid kind of meekness, which is ineffective. We will learn from Our Lord how our meekness should always be accompanied by humility and grace so as to attract hearts to Him and not cause anyone to turn away from Him. — Vincent de Paul

Scorn both these evil suggestions and the wickedness of their author, who is the devil. Be very cheerful and humble yourself as much as you can. Ordinarily, God allows these things to happen to free us from some hidden pride and to engender in us holy humility. — Vincent de Paul

Vincent de Paul Quotes On Poor

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We cannot better assure our eternal happiness than by living and dying in the service of the poor, in the arms of Providence, and with genuine renouncement of ourselves in order to follow Jesus Christ. — Vincent de Paul

That's what our Rules engage us to do, to help poor persons, our lords and masters. — Vincent de Paul

A man who behaves poorly in a Community will not do well in a parish. — Vincent de Paul

Would that God, Monsieur, had rendered us worthy of spending our lives, as Our Lord did, for the salvation of those poor souls so far removed from all assistance. — Vincent de Paul

In the name of Our Lord, Monsieur, do all you can to regain your health and take good care of it so that you can serve God and the poor for a longer time. This moderate care does not preclude the obligation we have of generously risking our lives when the salvation of our neighbor is concerned. — Vincent de Paul

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With God's help, you will continue to succeed in your leadership and in your duties, because Our Lord's work is accomplished not so much by the multitude of workers as by the fidelity of the small number whom He calls. — Vincent de Paul

We must be full reservoirs in order to let our water spill out without becoming empty, and we must possess the spirit with which we want them to be animated, for no one can give what he does not have. — Vincent de Paul

There is no act of charity that is not accompanied by justice or that permits us to do more than we reasonably can. — Vincent de Paul

To this end, we should help and support one another and strive for peace and union among ourselves. This is the wine that cheers and strengthens travelers along the narrow path of Jesus Christ. — Vincent de Paul

God always gives a great blessing to humble beginnings than to those that start with the chiming of bells. — Vincent de Paul

Oh! how happy the man of means who uses his wealth and his life for the greater glory of God, from whom he has received them! — Vincent de Paul

. . . Our Lord humbles in order to raise up, and allows the suffering of interior and exterior afflictions in order to bring about peace. He often desires some things more than we do, but wants us to merit the grace of accomplishing them by several practices of virtue and to beg for this with many prayers. — Vincent de Paul

Naturally, everyone is disheartened by sharp reprimands, and by the most amiable corrections as well, if they are frequent, immoderate, or given inappropriately. — Vincent de Paul

It is a maxim of ours to work in the service of the people, with the good pleasure of the pastors, and never to act contrary to their wishes. And, at the opening and closing of each mission, we get their blessing in a spirit of dependence. — Vincent de Paul

Naturally, everyone loves his freedom, but we must beware of this as of a broad road that leads to perdition. — Vincent de Paul

[M]ost people offend God by passing judgment on the things others do, especially important people, not knowing the reasons why they are doing what they do; for when one does not know the primary cause of some matter, what conclusions can he draw from it? — Vincent de Paul

There is nothing good that does not meet with opposition, and it should not be valued any less because it encounters objections. — Vincent de Paul

Without [firmness] I see the majority of Communities that are lax reach that state because of the excessive leniency of Superiors. So, be firm, Monsieur. — Vincent de Paul

Nature makes trees put down deep roots before having them bear fruit, and even this is done gradually. — Vincent de Paul

So, our vocation is to go, not just to one parish, not just to one diocese, but all over the world; and do what? To set people's hearts on fire, to do what the Son of God did. He came to set the world on fire in order to inflame it with His love. — Vincent de Paul

Remember, Monsieur, that the downfall of most Communities comes from the cowardice of Superiors in not holding firm and in not purging them of the troublesome and incorrigible. — Vincent de Paul

. . . [A]s a rule, the most learned persons do not produce the greatest results. We see that only too often. — Vincent de Paul

Divine Providence is never wanting in things undertaken at Its command. Even though the whole world should rise up and destroy us, nothing could happen but what is pleasing to God. The less there is of man in affairs, the more there is of God. — Vincent de Paul

It is not easy to find perfect men in whom there is nothing to criticize. — Vincent de Paul

[A] truly humble spirit humbles itself as much amid honors as amid insults, acting like the honeybee which makes its honey equally as well from the dew that falls on the wormwood as from that which falls on the rose. — Vincent de Paul

We must be firm but not rough in our guidance and avoid an insipid kind of meekness, which is ineffective. — Vincent de Paul

He also always blesses humble beginnings much more than those accompanied by a lot of show. — Vincent de Paul

Far from rejecting such a good man as you, He never even abandons a wicked man who hopes for His mercy. — Vincent de Paul

It is not light they need but strength, and strength permeates through the external balm of words and good example. — Vincent de Paul

Remember, Monsieur, that Saint Augustine says that a person who does not obey the doctors is doing his best to kill himself. — Vincent de Paul

. . . [T]hose persons who console you today may humiliate you tomorrow. — Vincent de Paul

Remember, Monsieur that roses are not gathered except in the midst of thorns and that heroic acts of virtue are accomplished only in weakness. — Vincent de Paul

[I]t is His good pleasure that we remain always in the holy joy of His love. — Vincent de Paul

An honorable man would never abandon his friend in time of need, especially if they were in a foreign country. Why? For fear of acting like a coward or of being boorish. I repeat, I admire the fact that, those persons have, through human respect, more courage than Christians and priests have, through charity or through their good intentions. — Vincent de Paul

If you must be in a hurry, then let it be according to the old adage, and hasten slowly. — Vincent de Paul

God has great plans for you, directed towards helping you do what Jesus Christ did when He was on earth. This requires you do resist temptation vigorously, with special confidence in the assistance of His Divine Goodness. Courage then, Monsieur. Be faithful to Him, and the Divine Goodness will be favorable to you. — Vincent de Paul

You should not open your mouth except to express gratitude for benefits you have received, and never to mention your discontent. — Vincent de Paul

I am the only wretch who keeps on heaping new iniquities and abominations on myself. O Monsieur, how merciful God is to put up with me with so much patience and forbearance, and how weak and miserable I am to abuse his mercies so greatly! — Vincent de Paul

Your soul will be blessed, Sister, if you bear patiently the troubles of mind and body His Providence sends you, or which come to you from within and without. — Vincent de Paul

Never betray His principles for any reason whatsoever, and take great care not to spoil God's affairs by too much haste in them. — Vincent de Paul

(1) Be convinced that exactness in rising is one of the most important practices in the Company and that as the day begins so the rest of the day continues; (2) give yourselves sincerely to God on going to bed in the evening, asking Him for the strength to overcome yourselves in the morning and to obey His voice without delay. — Vincent de Paul

[I]n order to raise a soul to the highest perfection, He allows it to pass through dryness, brambles, and combats, causing it thereby to honor the times of weariness in the life of His Son, Our Lord, who suffered various kinds of anguish and abandonment. — Vincent de Paul

[A] sick mind cannot be cured by the sheer force of persuasion. — Vincent de Paul

God has seen fit that, since our services are useful to many persons, everyone approves them, but only when they are carried out in the spirit of Our Lord. — Vincent de Paul

The kingdom of God is peace in the Holy Spirit; He will reign in you if your heart is at peace. So, be at peace, Mademoiselle, and you will honor in a sovereign way the God of peace and love. — Vincent de Paul

[I]f the gentleness of your spirit needs a dash of vinegar, borrow a little from Our Lord's spirit. O Mademoiselle, how well He knew how to find a bittersweet remark when it is needed! — Vincent de Paul

Foresight is good when it is subject to the latter, but it becomes excessive when we are in a hurry to avoid something we fear. We rely more on our own efforts than on those of his Providence, and we think we are doing a great deal by anticipating His orders by our own disorder, which causes us to rely on human prudence rather than on his Word. — Vincent de Paul

[W]ork at ridding yourself of the esteem you have had up to now for the glitter and sparkle of virtue and the vain applause of the world, which Our Lord so assiduously avoided and so often recommends us to shun, and that you labor in earnest to acquire true and solid virtues. — Vincent de Paul

. . . God is pleased to communicate himself to the simple and humble and to use the smallest and lowliest to make them great and exalted. In a word, it is He Himself who has called and approved them and even inspired their humble manner of living. — Vincent de Paul

We are still tossed about by the disturbances of this life, which is like a stormy sea, where those who are not attached to J[esus] C[hrist] and the duties of their state, as was our dear departed, are shipwrecked. — Vincent de Paul

In this way, through experience they will be formed adequately, will be encouraged, and will be capable of rendering service to God. — Vincent de Paul

Furthermore, the apostolic life does not exclude contemplation but encompasses it and profits by it to know better the eternal truths it must proclaim — Vincent de Paul

I thank God that you know the art of tearing yourself apart - I mean the way to humble yourself truly by recognizing and realizing your faults. You are right in believing yourself to be as you describe and to be most unsuitable for any kind of duty; it is on this foundation that Our Lord will base the execution of His plans for you. — Vincent de Paul

Cast from your heart the bitterness. — Vincent de Paul

[N]or should you move so fast! The works of God do not proceed in that way; they come about of themselves, and those He does not create soon perish. — Vincent de Paul

Laws must never be made compatible with crimes, no more than lying should be in harmony with the truth. — Vincent de Paul

Since you know the means of getting better, in the name of God, make use of them. Do not take on anything beyond your strength, do not be anxious, do not take things too much to heart, go gently, do not work too long or too hard. — Vincent de Paul

The children of our Lord walk gladly in his ways; they have confidence in him, and so when they fall, they rise again; and if, instead of stopping to grumble about the stone they have tripped over, they humble themselves at their fall, this helps them to advance with great strides in his love. — Vincent de Paul

So, do not dwell any longer on what you are, but consider Our Lord close by you and within you, ready to put His hand to the work as soon as you call upon Him for help, and you will see that all will go well. — Vincent de Paul

Make an effort to serve good bread and good meat and not to sell the better wine so as to serve what is inferior. — Vincent de Paul

Let us reflect that we shall always do God's Will and He will do ours when we carry out that of our Superiors. — Vincent de Paul

You know that you yourself are not always in the same state. If you are exact today, closely united to God, and a consolation to the whole house, tomorrow you will be out of sorts, indolent, and a source of affliction to others. Then you will need their support, as you have supported them. — Vincent de Paul

. . . [I]n the kingdom of charity, one prefers to suffer some inconvenience rather than inconvenience the neighbor. — Vincent de Paul

There are some persons who are content with everything and others who are scarcely content with anything. These latter need patience to bear with themselves. — Vincent de Paul

If you do not see any good in these persons, then say nothing, but if you do see some, speak about it to honor God in them because all good proceeds from Him. — Vincent de Paul

You can give me no greater consolation nor render greater service to your neighbor than to place yourself in a condition to serve him for a long time — Vincent de Paul

Experience has shown us that virtue puts down only shallow roots in those who are there for just a short time — Vincent de Paul

...Omit nothing which can advance his work, and not blame others for the delay. — Vincent de Paul

Who will excuse us before God for the loss of such a great number of people, who could be saved by the slight assistance we could give them? — Vincent de Paul

I have never come away from you without reflecting that the Spirit of God and His holy workings reside in you. — Vincent de Paul

His Divine Goodness asks that we never do good in any place to make ourselves look important but that we always consider Him directly, immediately, and without intermediary in all our actions. — Vincent de Paul

[M]ay you be more advanced in the school of solid virtue, which is practiced in an excellent way in the midst of suffering, and which keeps good servants of God in fear when they have nothing to suffer! — Vincent de Paul

Just as stinginess is blameworthy, so is facility in paying more for things than they are worth... — Vincent de Paul

Do not be afraid of undertaking too much of what you can do without coming and going; but fear only the thought of doing more than you are doing and more than God is giving you the means to do. — Vincent de Paul

You say you experience great difficulty in the mission. Alas! Monsieur, there is no lot in life where there is nothing to be endured. — Vincent de Paul

I have made to God the offering you made to me of your heart and have asked him to unite mine with yours in that of Our Lord. — Vincent de Paul

In a word, we are like the servants of the centurion in the Gospel with regard to the bishops, insofar as when they say to us: go, we are obliged to go; if they say: come, we are obliged to come; do that, and we are obliged to do it. — Vincent de Paul

We must endeavor to have God reign sovereignly in us, and then in others. The trouble with me is that I take more care to have Him reign in others than in myself. — Vincent de Paul

Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God and persons to one another . . . — Vincent de Paul

If after so much effort and prayer, the matter is not successful, it will be a clear sign that God does not will it. — Vincent de Paul

. . . [Y]ou must understand that we have always considered the writing of books a hindrance to our work, and that for this reason the custom was not to be introduced into the Company. However, since no rule, however general, does not have some exception, we shall see whether it is advisable to have yours printed. — Vincent de Paul

It is a good sign when He burdens us with [crosses] and we carry them well, but woe to the person who runs away from them, for he will find such heavy ones that they will overwhelm him. — Vincent de Paul

If there is any danger in the present weather, in the name of God, Monsieur, wait until spring — Vincent de Paul

... I am sure that you are the first to do what you teach them. — Vincent de Paul

God allows us to give rise to the practice of two beautiful virtues: perseverance, which leads us to attain the goal, and constancy, which helps us to overcome difficulties. — Vincent de Paul

I thank God for having given the Company subjects who belong more to Him than to themselves, and who serve the neighbor at the risk of their lives! They are like unrefined gold, which becomes visible in fire and which would otherwise remain hidden under ordinary actions and sometimes under faults and failings. — Vincent de Paul

. . . [T]hese [ideas] are only suggestions of the evil spirit who, to jeopardize your salvation, suggests to you extraordinary works that are beyond your strength, under the fine pretext of practicing, on your own, the spiritual and corporal works of mercy . . . — Vincent de Paul

It seems to me that the best way will be the one that is most gentle and forbearing, which is more in conformity with the Spirit of Our Lord and more apt to win hearts. — Vincent de Paul

In the name of God, Monsieur, let us not be so little attached to God's service that we yield to a useless fear which may cause us to abandon the task He has given us. — Vincent de Paul

[E]ven if the whole world should rise up to destroy us, nothing will happen except that God, in whom we have put our hope, will allow. — Vincent de Paul

God often delays the conclusion of a holy endeavor so that those involved in it might merit its grace by the length of the work, their patience, and their prayers. This is why I beg you not to grow weary in yours. Although He may delay, He will reveal that it is pleasing to Him, if it is done, nevertheless, in a spirit of resignation regarding the outcome. — Vincent de Paul

Life Lessons by Vincent de Paul

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  1. Vincent de Paul's work emphasizes the importance of selfless service and helping others in need.
  2. He taught that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their social or economic status.
  3. His example teaches us to be generous with our time and resources, and to use them to benefit those who are less fortunate.

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