15+ Charlotte Tilbury Quotes On Beauty, Education And Glow

Every woman deserves a man to ruin her lipstick, not her mascara — Charlotte Tilbury

Beauty is not an exclusive club - there are no unattractive women, just some that don't know understand the power of makeup. — Charlotte Tilbury

The light, colors, and energy of Ibiza are constant sources of inspirations for my work. I always leave Ibiza recharged and full of ideas for new shades, looks, and products. — Charlotte Tilbury

Red lipstick is instant glamour. — Charlotte Tilbury

Don't choose anything that's two tones lighter than your natural lip tone, and make sure there's a little pink in the hue so it doesn't look too washed out. — Charlotte Tilbury

I discovered makeup when I was 13, and it changed my life. I started wearing mascara, and overnight, people reacted to me in a very different way - I was more popular and I felt more confident. — Charlotte Tilbury

You can ignite the senses and directly alter their state of mind and body through this scent, sparking a subliminal key to attraction. — Charlotte Tilbury

I once walked into a party, and I had just sprayed myself with an aura of my secret scent. I walked through to greet my friends, and as I walked, the breeze must have lifted my scent into the air. A man who had been looking quite morose at the bar, suddenly started to make his way towards me exclaiming, "What is that scent?" He was literally mesmerized! — Charlotte Tilbury

What really drives me is sharing the power of makeup with every woman. — Charlotte Tilbury

The scent changes the way you feel about yourself, the energy, and the aura you emit, but also directly changes the way others respond to you. — Charlotte Tilbury

I was shocked to find out that only 50 percent of women do not engage with makeup and the reasons are: They don't know how to use it, they don't know what suits them, they don't have the time. — Charlotte Tilbury

Scent is the only sense that bypasses the conscious hypothalamus filter of the brain. It triggers an instant, uncontrollable reaction. I am also a big believer in the power of transformation, and I believe in giving women the tools to become the most beautiful, powerful, and confident versions of themselves. I always say look good, feel good, and smell good! — Charlotte Tilbury

The dreamy look is all about hypnotizing beauty that stops men in their tracks. The connection between the scent and the look is that are both the key to attraction - your whole frequency changes when you wear this look. You radiate and captivate endlessly. — Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup can give you the confidence to...change your job, move abroad, get a pay raise. — Charlotte Tilbury

While at first it seemed like a depressing realization, I soon realized that makeup is powerful - it's every woman's secret weapon. — Charlotte Tilbury

Life Lessons by Charlotte Tilbury

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  1. Charlotte Tilbury's work emphasizes the importance of confidence and self-expression, showing that makeup can be used to empower and celebrate individual beauty.
  2. Her makeup looks are based on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty, rather than completely transform it.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury also teaches us to be creative and experiment with different makeup looks, as well as to be aware of the latest trends and products.

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