I think from my experience in war and life and science, it all has made me believe that we have one life on this planet. We have one chance to live it and to contribute to the future of society and the future of life. The only "afterlife" is what other people remember of you.

— Craig Venter

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We have learned nothing from the genome.


Most drugs work on only about a third of the population, they do no damage to another third, and the final third can have negative consequences.


It is my belief that the basic knowledge that we're providing to the world will have a profound impact on the human condition and the treatments for disease and our view of our place on the biological continuum.


Moving forward in science is as much unwinding the distorted thinking of the past as it is putting a clearer idea on the table.


Any virus that's been sequenced today - that genome can be made.


The environment has fallen to the wayside in politics.


You can't just live in a comfortable little suburban neighborhood and get your education from movies and television and have any perspective on life.


I don't know if the optimists or the pessimists are right.

But, the optimists are going to get something done.


Privacy with medical information is a fallacy.

If everyone's information is out there, it's part of the collective.


I have the modest goals of replacing the whole petrochemical industry.

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