Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on earth. This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It's the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are.

— Dannion Brinkley

The most impressive Dannion Brinkley quotes that will inspire your inner self

You are a great, mighty and powerful spiritual being with dignity, direction and purpose.


Life is a matter of choice. Everything we manifest in our day to day lives is the direct result of our choices along the way. Each choice automatically creates a consequence. From our choices other people's lives are influenced for better or worse.


Horrible events in life serve as catalysts for major changes in our life perspective and as teaching tools for helping others.


It is imperative that we do not fear challenges that we have attracted to promote our growth. Every obstacle we encounter is an opportunity for spiritual evolution.


In my worst moments, all I had to do was recall the love that I felt emanating from those heavenly lights and I could press on.


The quickest way to change the world is to be of service to others.

Show that your love can make a difference in the lives of people and thereby someone else's love can make a difference in your life. By each of us doing that and working together we change the world one inner person at a time.


Therefore our choices need to be made carefully.

Every single thing that one of us thinks says or does, impacts all the rest of humanity on one level or another.


So, no matter what your personal aspiration, it is important to articulate it and implant it firmly in your heart and mind. Determined mental and emotional focus will invariably manifest the achievement of your desire more quickly than anything else.