Respect your own creativity and respect the creativity and creative space of other people.

— Danny Barker

The most belligerent Danny Barker quotes that are proven to give you inner joy

I'd advise you to visit New Orleans before you pass away.

I really would. Because if you die without seeing New Orleans, you wasted half your life.


Lots of the bands [in New Orleans] couldn't read too much music.

So they used a fiddle to play the lead - a fiddle player could read - and that was to give them some protection.


Everything in New Orleans was competitive.

People would always be betting on who was the best and the greatest in everything. That's where the battles of music came in.


The New Orleans bands, you see, didn't play with a flat sound.

They'd shade the music. After the band had played with the two or three horns blowing, they'd let the rhythm have it.