God, make me a man with thick skin and a soft heart. Make me a man who is tough and tender. Make me tough so I can handle life. Make me tender so I can love people. God, make me a man.

— Darrin Patrick

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If your friends never make you uncomfortable. You don't have friends. You have fans.


Is Jesus a Saviour who saves you, or is he an assistant who helps you save yourself?


Humility is not just declaring that you are not God. It is deciding daily to not be God.


You don't measure your maturity by comparing yourself with others.

You judge maturity by comparing yourself to Jesus.


God doesn't want your crises-mode promises.


Discipline is rarely enjoyable, but almost always profitable.


Most people think that Christianity is spelled DO: they look at the Bible or the life of Christ, and they simply try hard to live like Jesus. Christianity is really spelled DONE: it is what Christ has done that enables us to live a life of obedience.30


We should never intentionally offend, but if you follow Jesus, you will offend religious people.


If there is no challenging of the sinful heart, there is no gospel preaching.


While our heart for social justice grows out from the gospel, social justice by itself will not communicate the gospel. We need gospel proclamation, for as much as people may see our good deeds, they cannot hear the good news unless we tell them. Social justice, though valuable as an expression of Christian love, should, especially as a churchwide endeavor, serve the goal of gospel proclamation.


Would your city weep if your church did not exist?


Any person that says, "Of course I wouldn't do ______" doesn't know their own heart.


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Worry is worthless. It can't change the past or control the future. It only spoils the moment.


The key to ministry in any and every context, both now and for the last two thousand years, is missionary flexibility.