Radical obedience to Christ is not easy... It's not comfort, not health, not wealth, and not prosperity in this world. Radical obedience to Christ risks losing all these things. But in the end, such risk finds its reward in Christ. And he is more than enough for us.

— David Platt

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This is how God works. He puts people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness


When you come to Jesus, you don't come to get health, wealth and prosperity.

You come to Jesus to get Jesus


In a world where everything revolves around yourself-protec t yourself, promote yourself, comfort yourself, and take care of yourself-Jesus says, 'Crucify yourself. Put aside all self-preservati on in order to live for God's glorification, no matter what that means for you in the culture around you.'


Passionate worship always leads to personal witness.

Always. And what that means is . . . if we’re not witnessing, there’s a problem with our worship. We’re not seeing God for who He is! We’re not realizing what He’s done! We’re not realizing the magnitude of what He’s done for our souls!


Do you realize the weight of the one who has invited us to follow him? He is worthy of more than church attendance and casual association; he is worthy of total abandonment and supreme adoration.


Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every lost person this side of hell.


This is the curse of superficial religion: the constant attempt to do outward things apart from inward transformation.


People who claim to be Christians while their lives look no different from the rest of the world are clearly not Christians


The bible informs us, compels us to care for the poor, to love the outcast, to serve the needy.


To everyone wanting a safe, untroubled, comfortable life free from danger, stay away from Jesus. The danger in our lives will always increase in proportion to the depth of our relationship with Christ.


The key is realizing - and believing - that this world is not your home.

If you and I ever hope to free our lives from worldly desires, worldly thinking, worldly pleasures, worldly dreams, worldly ideals, worldly values, worldly ambitions, and worldly acclaim, then we must focus our lives on another world.


Nothing is impossible for the people of God who trust in the power of God to accomplish the will of God.


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This is the gospel. The just and loving Creator of the universe has looked upon hopelessly sinful people and sent His Son, God in the flesh, to bear His wrath against sin on the cross and to show His power over sin in the resurrection so that all who trust in Him will be reconciled to God forever.


The road that leads to heaven is risky, lonely, and costly in this world, and few are willing to pay the price. Following Jesus involves losing your life-and finding new life in him.


The call of Christ is to deny ourselves and to let go of our lives.

To relinquish control of our lives, to surrender everything we are, everything that we do, our direction our safety our security is no longer found in the things of this world. It is found in Christ. And that is great risk when it comes to the things of this world.


If we want to know the Glory of God, if we want to experience the beauty of God, and if we want to be used by the hand of God, then we must LIVE in the WORD of God.


But then I realize there is never going to be a day when I stand before God and He looks at me and says, 'I wish you would have kept more for yourself.' I'm confident that God will take care of me.


The most glorious reason you exist is for the proclamation of the glory of God to the ends of the world. And it's more than having a nice life.


As Elisabeth Elliot points out, not even dying a martyr’s death is classified as extraordinary obedience when you are following a Savior who died on a cross. Suddenly a martyr’s death seems like normal obedience.


My prayer is that people will see that following Jesus costs you everything you are and everything you have. And my prayer is that people will see that Jesus is worth it.


I want to be apart of something that can only be explained by the hand of God!


No sound system. No band. No guitar. No entertainment. No cushioned chairs. No heating or air-con. Nothing but the people of God and the word of God. And strangely, that's enough. God's Word is enough for millions of believers who gather in house churches... Jungles... Rainforests, and middle-eastern cities. But is his Word enough for us?


We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names.

They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.


We don’t go to Scripture for permission to do what we think is best, but for direction to do what He says is best.


There is indescribable joy, deep satisfaction and an eternal purpose in dying to ourselves and living for Christ.


Our great need is to fall before an almighty Father day and night and to plead for him to show his radical power in and through us, enabling us to accomplish for his glory what we could never imagine in our own strength.


The more Christ fulfills the cravings of our souls, the more he changes our taste capacities from the inside out. The more we walk with him, the more we want him. The more we taste of him, the more we enjoy him. And this transforms how we live and what we live for.


We owe Christ to the world--to the least person and to the greatest person, to the richest person and to the poorest person, to the best person and to the worst person. We are in debt to the nations.


To be a Christian is to be loved by God, pursued by God, and found by God.


I could not help but think that somewhere along the way we had missed what was radical about our faith and replaced it with what is comfortable.


On popular issues like poverty and slavery, where Christians are likely to be applauded for our social action, we are quick to stand up and speak out. Yet on controversial issues like homosexuality and abortion, where Christians are likely to be criticized for our involvement, we are content to sit down and stay quiet.


We can rest confident in the fact that nothing will happen to us in this world apart from the gracious will of a sovereign God. Nothing.


We are afraid that if we stop and really look at God in his Word, we might discover that he evokes greater awe and demands deeper worship than we are ready to give him.


We can accomplish more in one month of dependence on the Spirit than we can in 100 years of dependence on ourselves.


The message of biblical Christianity is 'God loves me so that I might make him- his ways, his salvation, his glory, and his greatness- known among all nations.' Now God is the object of our faith, and Christianity centers around him. We are not the end of the gospel; God is'


Christianity does not begin with our pursuit of Christ, but with Christ’s pursuit of us.


Everything in all creation responds in obedience to the Creator.

.. until we get to you and me. We have the audacity to look God in the face and say, "No."


A materialistic world will not be won to Christ by a materialistic church.


God delights in revealing Himself to you when you are bold enough to bother Him.

In fact, I think He would say that the only thing that bothers Him is when you don’t come to Him.


While the goal of the American dream is to make much of us, the goal of the gospel is to make much of God.


May even the concept of unreached peoples be totally intolerable to us.


As Christ begins to live in us, everything begins to change about us.


Somewhere along the way we have subtly and tragically taken the costly command of Christ to go, baptize, and teach all nations and mutated it into a comfortable call for Christians to come, be baptized, and listen in one location.


My life is a blank check before God... No strings attached.


In every genre of biblical literature and every stage of biblical history, God is seen pouring out his grace on his people for the sake of his glory among all peoples.


What if the word of God was enough to inspire passionate worship among his people?


The very first word out of Jesus; mouth in is ministry in the New Testament is clear: repent.


Why make disciples? Because heaven and hell exist, and the end of the world is coming.


To be a Christian is to realize that in your sin, you were separated from God's presence, and you deserved nothing but God's wrath.