Always have the highest bar for yourself. Wake up everyday and no matter how crappy you feel, want to change something for the better. Do something that makes someone happy. Create something that inspires someone. Be someone's light when they are hopeless.

— Dave Grohl

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I never needed much, and I never thought I'd get more than what I had.

A trip to Burger King was the biggest thing in the world to me. Heaven.


I had never been in charge of anything.

I'd always worked for someone. I worked for a furniture warehouse. I did masonry. I always had a boss yelling at me. So I'd never been in charge of an organization.


You will only be great at things you love to do don't pursue a career in something you hate to do.

Dave Grohl quote No one is you and that is your power.

No one is you and that is your power.


Never lose faith in real rock and roll music.

Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it's always going to be there.


In this day and age, when you can use a machine or computer to simulate or emulate what people can do together, it still can't replace the magic of four people in a room playing.


How do I stay humble? Because I'm the best at being humble.


Nickelback walks into a bar...there's no punchline because ruining music isn't funny.


I don't think of Kurt as 'Kurt Cobain from Nirvana'.

I think of him as 'Kurt'. It's something that comes back all the time. Almost every day.


I mean, I never liked being told what to do.

It's one of the reasons I dropped out of school. Give me something to assemble, I won't look at the directions, I'll try to figure it out by myself. It's why I love Ikea furniture.


Ladies and gentlemen, god bless America - land of the free, home of the brave.


I had long hair since I was 17 years old.

It was time for me to let go. I hated being the guy at the wedding in a suit with a ponytail.


You know why Foo Fighters have been a band for 20 years? Because I've never really told anybody what I think of them. The last thing you ever want to do is go to therapy with your band.


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All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work.


Don't look at the poster on your wall and think 'I could never do that.

' Look at the poster on your wall and think 'I'm gonna do that!'


I'm big on taking the lady out to dinner.

We have some candlelight romance every now and then. And our whole family is within a 6-mile radius. It's disgustingly domestic. I'm big on Costco.


Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down.


There's some things in life that you really consider to be priceless.


Just the other day someone threw a bra duct-taped to a tennis ball.

I just stood there, playing guitar, thinking how this was totally premeditated. Some girl sat around inventing a way to get her bra onstage from 40 rows back.


I'd like to imagine I won't end up in Hell, but I think I've done too much acid and listened to too much death metal to sit on a cloud next to God with angels floating above my head.


Neil Young is my hero, and such a great example.

You know what that guy has been doing for the past 40 years? Making music. That's what that guy does. Sometimes you pay attention, sometimes you don't. Sometimes he hands it to you, sometimes he keeps it to himself. He's a good man with a beautiful family and wonderful life.


I owe everything to Nirvana. But I can't let that overshadow the future. For the first few years, I didn't even want to talk about Nirvana. Partly because it was just painful to talk about losing Kurt but also because I wanted the Foo Fighters to mean something.


There's something about heartbreak that makes for great music, but the same could be said for Jägermeister. Hangovers make for great music, too.


Nothing's going to keep me from making music.

If I were in the want-ads in the back of the paper or playing to six people at a coffee shop, I'd still love to make music.


Mom, thanks for letting me drop out of high school. Haha!


There's a big difference between falling in love with someone and falling in love with someone and getting married. Usually, after you get married, you fall in love with the person even more.


Being in Nirvana was amazing an experience that will never happen again for me.

And I look on them as some of the best and worst times of my life.


I taught myself how to play the guitar, I taught myself how to play the drums, and I kind of fake doing both of them. But drumming comes more natural to me, and it just feels better.


There's nothing I'd rather do than make music. It's the love of my life.


We only do what feels right. If something feels forced or contrived, then we pull back. We remain the Foo Fighters.


I'm obsessed with Led Zeppelin and have been since I was a teenager


I listen to boy band music before I have to fire someone.


It's terrifying to play your favorite band's song in front of your favorite band.


What's the last thing a drummer says in a band? 'Hey guys, why don't we try one of my songs?'


CBGB represents a lot to New York City and to underground rock and to new wave and post-punk and whatever. But, you know, it's like tearing down the Jefferson Memorial or something.


At 13 years old, I realized I could start my own band.

I could write my own song, I could record my own record. I could start my own label. I could release my own record. I could book my own shows. I could write and publish my own fanzine. I could silk-screen my own T-shirt. I could do this all myself.


Sharing music is not a crime. It shouldn't be. There should be a deeper meaning to making music than just selling downloads.


When you're thirteen and listening to punk, the aggressive nature of music can sway you to the dark side.


I can understand how some people might resent me for having the audacity to continue playing music, but it'd take a lot more than that to stop me from doing it. I started Foo Fighters because I didn't want to retreat.


From the time that 'Nevermind' came out in September of 1991 to the time that Nirvana was over, it was really just a few years, and a lot happened in those few years.


Because you have things like 'American Idol' and you've got radio stations that play music made entirely by computers, it's easy to forget there are bands with actual people playing actual instruments that rock.


It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do f___ing Glee.

And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his f___ing show… f___ that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee.


If you were to sit me down in a classroom, with fluorescent lights humming and some woman trying to teach me Italian, there's no way. But scream goes to Italy, we stay in a squat, and the only way you can ask someone where to take a piss is to do it in Italian. So I learned Italian.


Music will never go away, and I will never stop making music;

it's just what capacity or what arena you decide to do it.


There are times when I feel like I'm a traveling minister.

I'm trying to go out and get kids to pick-up yard sale instruments and change the world.


The thing that will never go away is that connection you make with a band or a song where you're moved by the fact that it's real people making music. You make that human connection with a song like 'Let It Be' or 'Long and Winding Road' or a song like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' or 'Roxanne,' any of those songs. They sound like people making music.


My first instrument was actually the trombone, but that didn't last long.

Soon I was playing guitar in bands from the time I was 11 or 12.


I've always been a fan of melody and emotional melancholy, whether it was Rites of Spring or Tears for Fears or Neil Young. If I hear a song that has a sweet melody, I'm a sucker for it, whether it's Linkin Park or Little Richard.


The whole slacker generation totally didn't apply to us musically.


It's important to me that people feel connected to the band through the music, you know? I don't want it to be wallpaper. I don't want it to be background music. I want it to be clear: This is the song. These are the words. If you feel the same way as I do, sing it as loud as you can.