What I like best about underwater photography is giving a visual voice to the invisible. What I like least is the prospect of drowning.

— David Doubilet

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My passion is to open people's eyes to the sea using the power of photography as a universal language to convince the unconvinced among us that the oceans are fragile and finite.


Every day is not just another assignment; it is a small, but contained voyage of discovery.


I have learned that images have the power to educate, honor, humiliate, and illuminate.


We can produce imagery to share the beauty of the oceans and what is there to protect. We can also expose the truths about overharvest, climate change, and habitat loss to give oceans a voice.


Photography is about how you look and how you dream and how you see and what your interests are.


As the oceans go, so do we.


Just pushing a button is taking a photo.

Thinking, lighting, and lots of other things~that's making a photo.