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  1. There is no question in my mind that Zionists, these Jewish radicals that they dominate Hollywood, nobody argues about the show you in the Los Angeles Times article by Joel Stein bragging about it.
  2. Of course you know the miracle of AIDS, we all do. It's the only disease that turns fruits into vegetables.
  3. A black...gets a job with a white-owned company. He is the only black at the firm. He works hard, but he's fighting a losing battle against his genes.
  4. That's the one issue can't discuss.You can discuss abortion back and forth, discuss gun control back and forth. But you can't have a dissenting opinion in America (politics) on Israel.
  5. I don't call myself a white supremacist. I'm a civil rights activist concerned about European-American rights.
  6. I think [Steve Scalise] is a good man I am not going to vote in that regard because I believe Israel controls the Senate they control the House of Representatives they control the media .
  7. When I ran I was a first candidate to talk about how immigration was going be so damaging to the American people. When I first ran I talked about affirmative-action.
  8. I don't consider myself a racist, I don't hate other peoples, but I certainly want to preserve my own. And I think that's true of all people.
  9. These Jews who run things, who are producing this mental illness ­­teenage suicide...all these Jewish sicknesses...that's nothing new. The Talmud's full of things like sex with boys and girls.
  10. I am opposed to globalism, I am opposed to colonialism, I am opposed to any sort of complusion of one nation over another. (...) I also deeply believe in human rights.

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  • I really work for racial reconciliation in many ways. And you can judge me by my writings.
  • There are different Klans just like there are different fraternities in college.
  • I think that white people were, no question, the creators of what we call white America.
  • I believe that every people and every nation has the right to be free and independent.
  • I have never supported white supremacism but I read this [this description of me] in the papers.
  • Every member Congress is under the threat of being destroyed by the Israeli lobby.
  • I believe a person regardless of race should get the job.
  • I won my constituency. I won 55% of the white vote.
  • Mother's love outlives everything
  • I was lucky enough to have a loving present father in my family.

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Our clear goal must be the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races. This goal must include freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests. — David Duke

I believe the reason why he media so hates me and the reason why they make a big deal of it. This is because I'm one of the few Americans, political Americans who think that we shouldn't be led by the nose by Israel. — David Duke

As America is transformed from a 90 percent European American nation, as it was in the 1960s, to one where we will soon be a minority, should we not ask some pertinent questions. Is this racial diversity enriching, or will it be damaging to our social fabric? — David Duke

What we really want to do is to be left alone. We don't want Negroes around. We don't need Negroes around. We're not asking - you know, we don't want to have them, you know, for our culture. We simply want our own country and our own society. That's in no way exploitive at all. We want our own society, our own nation.... — David Duke

I think the basic culture of this country is European and Christian and I think that if we lose that, we lost America...I don't think we should suppress other races, but I think if we lose that White - what's the word for it - that White dominance in America, with it we lose America. — David Duke

I don't see anything wrong with a neighborhood association wanting to keep their neighborhood a certain way or their apartment complex a certain way. I don't see anything wrong with white kids wanting to go to school with white children, or black kids wanting to go to school with black kids. — David Duke

The official keepers of the Holocaust wage an international campaign to silence the disturbing questions. Most people never even hear the revisionist position because Jewish forces dominate the media and block mainstream access to material that questions Holocaust orthodoxy. — David Duke

This [EURO] was never a hate group, the European American Unity and Rights Organization was an organization in its charter is dedicated to true civil rights and stopping discrimination against people, that the best qualified people should be engaged and that every people have the right to preserve their heritage, their freedom and their values. — David Duke

While helping hundreds of thousands of refugees, Red Cross volunteers undoubtedly heard stories of Nazi brutality and rumors of mass gassings and they noted those rumors and kept an eye out for any evidence of them, but they saw nothing to indicate that the rumors were true. — David Duke

As for America and the rest of European world, I want to live in a nation that reflects my traditions and values, and I do not want my people to become a minority in the nations my own forefathers built. Interestingly, that is same goal that most Israelis and most Jews who support Israel endorse for the Jewish state. — David Duke

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about slavery. You think slavery didn't exist in Africa? Even Indian tribes. — David Duke

Homosexuals die decades younger than heterosexuals, from a host of maladies. They suffer mental problems ranging from depression to psychosis, and have suicide rates many times that of heterosexuals. — David Duke

... non-White Arab birthrates will make White Jewish people a minority totally vulnerable to the political, social, and economic will of non-Whites Arabs. A social upheaval is now beginning to occur that will be the funeral dirge of the America Israel we love. — David Duke

Absolutely committed to spending the rest of my life as a spokesman for the rights of European Americans. — David Duke

And the Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and to cover-up the crimes of Israel. — David Duke

When the American people saw the LA riots and crowds of Blacks cheering O.J. Simpson (who was acquitted by the almost all Black jury), they received a peek into their future. — David Duke

Remember the vast majority of the Democrats as well as all the Republicans in the House of Representatives in Louisiana voted for my signature-piece of legislation in the house which was a bill, actually a bill for true civil rights. That there must be no discrimination against anyone on the basis of race in affirmative-action. — David Duke

The Russian Federation has a growing Muslim minority, which is causing cultural and religious clashes. This is similar to mass immigration of Mexicans to America, and certain presidential candidates are tailoring their campaigns to get Mexican votes. — David Duke

We had the support of the Democratic sheriff of my parish which was the popular Democratic Sheriff of my parish, Harry Lee who was Chinese by the way.He supported me and actually I supported him too, he was a good man. — David Duke

[ Zionists] dominate the Banking institutions of America and they are the biggest contributors in politics. — David Duke

Russia's biggest problem is organized crime and its leaders are influenced by the Russian mafia. But it's not right to call it a Russian mafia, it's a Jewish mafia. — David Duke

The Washington Post said that 50% of the contributors of the Republican Party were Jewish and 70% of the Democratic Party. That's 2% and they control America. — David Duke

I wouldn't vote for Steve Scalise because he goes he was that I will and Congressman of the United States that would vote for Israel which ethnically cleansed 600,000 Palestinians Israel recently killed and maimed 20,000 Palestinian men, women and children. — David Duke

The people who are pushing Jewish supremacism, Zionism – they are absolute evil and they are crazy. All they know is more power, and so there is a real danger, I should say, for Syria , and a danger for Iran at this point. — David Duke

If you represent all the people you should be able listen to someone who's pro-abortion are anti-abortion. Even though you might have a different view you should hear somebody who's pro-affirmative-action anti-affirmative action. — David Duke

Aren't we supposed to believe that if you are an elected official, if you serve in Congress, you are representing all the people of your district not just the people who voted for you, not [just] the people who you agree with? — David Duke

In fact, James Meredith who was once the icon of the civil rights movement. He supported me for governor! — David Duke

In my political life I spoke before leftist groups, before black activist groups that I disagreed with, to explain my position and to support my legislation. — David Duke

Let's put it this way. I question whether 6 million Jews actually died in Nazi death camps. There are two major sources for Holocaust stories. One is the Nuremburg war-crimes trial, which has been shown by all honest historians to be a farce of justice. Another source is the great body of literature and media work, and at least 90% of that material is from biased Jewish sources. — David Duke

I think most Americans don't agree with the idea that the best qualified person should not get the job. — David Duke

[People] didn't vote for me because they thought I was a racist and if you look at my campaign literature it is not much different than a lot of Republican literature and some conservative Democrats in the South. — David Duke

Do you know what I think white people wholly own? I think freedom of speech is a white thing. This is something that white people do. I think governments, this is a white thing. — David Duke

When I began to talk publicly about the hatred that was in the Talmud, I was branded a hater, a bigot, and an anti-Semite by the media and by groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The ADL is a multimillion-dollar, worldwide organization whose whole purpose is to defame and discredit those who simply tell the truth about Jewish supremacism and hatred against Gentiles. — David Duke

Jewish people have put the interests of race over the interests of the American people... Jews are filled with more hatred and rage for our race, for our heritage, for our blood than perhaps you can imagine. — David Duke

I was never violent. I denounced even back then violence and left it because I didn't want to be associated with that kind of taint. — David Duke

I wouldn't say Donald Trump is a champion for white America, I think he shares a lot of the issues and values of white America. — David Duke

I didn't say [Steve Scalise] was fanatically pro-Israel. I said I wouldn't vote for because he supports state of Israel which has committed terrorism against American in the Lavon Affair. — David Duke

The national media which I consider to be very racist against European Americans and I think they have caused the incitement of African Americans against European Americans.I also think that they have also facilitated European Americans being angry at African Americans. — David Duke

That's true that Sen. Robert Bird was in the Klan and a lot of people were friends of Robert Byrd in the U.S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans. — David Duke

Why is it, that there's no movies, very little very little attention about the greatest Holocaust in the history of the world which was the Holocaust against Christians by the Soviet communism.And that's my point. We have a controlled media today that talks about the Holocaust, but they don't talk about the death and destruction of tens of millions of Christians...Which was a bigger Holocaust. — David Duke

I have spoken all over the world and I have great respect for Muslims, I have great respect for the African people, I have respect for the other races. Even back home in Lousiana, I'm called a racist, but I have respect for the Black people of my country and I want them to have their own life, too, and I want them to be able to pursue their own destiny and not be controlled, and not be damaged. — David Duke

I don't care what you call it. I believe in the quote, unquote, Holy Holocaust. — David Duke

But Barack Obama is not a person who would defend the rights and heritage of the European-American people. — David Duke

New York has become an example of everything that is wrong with America. White Americans, fearing the crime and social alienation in New York City, commute endless hours to raise their families in safe, clean neighborhoods. The numbers of non-Americans, especially those from the Third World, are growing, and it is the hard working White New Yorker that pays the bill. — David Duke

More than 95 percent of both legal and illegal immigration into the United States is non-white. Because of the way immigration law is structured, the highest-skilled nations on earth - those of Europe - are allowed only a tiny percentage of immigrants, while the third world nations such as Mexico are dumping their chaff onto American shores at the highest rate in history. — David Duke

Even [Bill] Clinton ran on my program of "workfare instead of welfare." Of which I was the first American politician, starting in 1989, who brought that up. And that helped him get elected. — David Duke

We Aryans are those of European descent who are racially conscious and who have committed our lives to our people's survival and evolutionary advancement. We shall do our duty. We shall not surrender our freedom and our very existence to Jewish or any other power. We shall preserve our heritage and our hard-won rights and freedoms. We shall guide our people up the evolutionary stairway to the stars. — David Duke

Obviously, Jews gain certain advantages by promoting the Holocaust idea. It inspires tremendous financial aid for Israel. It makes organized Jewry almost immune from criticism. Whether the Holocaust is real or not, the Jews clearly have a motive for fostering the idea that it occurred. Not only do they have a motive, but they have the means with the media domination they now hold. — David Duke

The Jews are trying to destroy all other cultures - as a survival mechanism - the only Nazi country in the world is Israel. — David Duke

The truth is there are two hundred white women raped in America by a black man for every one black woman raped by whites. — David Duke

Male homosexuals have seduced and abused millions of underage boys. Their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyle have resulted in spreading the worst communicable plague in this century, the specter of AIDS, which has not only killed millions of their own, but also millions of others, including tens of thousands who contracted the virus from blood transfusions. — David Duke

Life Lessons by David Duke

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  1. David Duke's work emphasizes the importance of speaking out and standing up for what you believe in, no matter how unpopular your views may be.
  2. He also shows that it is possible to make a difference in the world, even if your views are not shared by the majority.
  3. Lastly, his work demonstrates the power of taking action and being persistent in the face of adversity.

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