I like to consider myself young at heart and ageless.

— DeLisha Milton-Jones

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Sometimes being different is not going to be the most popular thing.

But you have to be confident in you and what you know is right and stand firm. You may lose friends over it. Families may even split up because of it. But that's the price to pay. That's the cross to bear when you really live your life for Christ.


Everybody's always trying to do something physical, but I would say feed your spirit more than anything 'cause I think that's where it all starts, especially for myself. When I'm healthy spiritually, I'm able to do any and everything that I put my mind to.


I learned at an early age that every breath that we take is borrowed.

We need to be thankful for our life and never take it for granted.


Church was the thing for me. The fellowship and the message that was given and singing in the choir and singing the solos and really listening to the words that you were singing and seeing how it affected people was huge for me.


I experienced a lot of spiritual growth when I started traveling to Europe and playing basketball. I saw that just because I was away from home didn't mean Jesus wasn't with me. He is everywhere and you can see signs of Him in the most remote places in the world through people who don't even speak your language. Jesus is universal.


You really need to give us much love as you possibly can.

Be kind. Be of service to people, not for you to gain anything but just out of pure love. That's what people are lacking, that pure genuine love.

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