What I reach for first when I play is sound. Technique maybe, but there is technique in sound.

— Dewey Redman

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Maybe not as an idol, but I have influenced some people, including my son Joshua. So that feels good. Wherever I play musicians come to meet me, that is a great compliment to me. I am honored.


I like to think of myself as an original.

I have my own sound. That's not easy to come by, I worked on it for many years. But I like to think that I sound like Dewey Redman


The music should be first, not the ego or the personality or the style.


In my world, the first thing I reach for is the sound.

Technique is Ok, but if you got the technique and I got a good sound, I'll beat you every time. You can play a thousand notes and I can play one note and wipe you out. What I reach for is ... a sound.

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