Tim Price has captured my imagination on many occasions with his forward thinking arrangements and wonderfully captivating playing. He is a unique musician made more unique because he has searched and found his own voice. Truly a rare find in music.

ā€” Jeff Coffin

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I consider music to be a service and I am trying to serve the music, the musicians and the audience the best I can at every moment.


I love what Chris & Katy are bringing to the table with Coal Train Railroad.

It makes ME feel like a kid again! I think children of all ages will love the humor, silliness and the catchy, cool, and crazy music that reminds us all that music should be fun to listen to. Iā€™m honored (and slightly tickled) to be part of this wonderful project. Thanks!


Theo Wanne has done it again!!!!!! He has brought a new dimension in mouthpieces that will not only stand the test of time, but will be a benchmark mouthpiece for many, many years to come! The bar has been raised.

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