11+ Diahann Carroll Quotes On Death, Writing And Oprah

You have to keep your sanity as well as know how to distance yourself from it while still holding onto the reins tightly. That is a very difficult thing to do, but I'm learning. — Diahann Carroll

I like to think I opened doors for other women, although that wasn't my original intention. — Diahann Carroll

I am a breast cancer survivor. I was intrigued to learn how many people prefer to talk to someone if they are familiar with their face, like an actor or a politician. So, I began traveling around the country and doing speeches. — Diahann Carroll

In the war against breast cancer, we have the ability to arm ourselves with knowledge and education is a powerful tool. By taking action and doing something positive, fear is replaced with hope. — Diahann Carroll

With any president it is difficult to predict how the world will be effected by his presence in the white house. — Diahann Carroll

I hope that there are no persons that would want to think ill of me in any direction or any behavior. — Diahann Carroll

I've spent about that amount of time trying to tell the public that there was purpose in... my business, my career and the roller coaster ride... how the people I associated with worked together. — Diahann Carroll

I considered Nat King Cole to be a friend and, in many ways, a mentor. He always had words of profound advice. — Diahann Carroll

If you're not invited to the party, throw your own. — Diahann Carroll

I think if you work in television everyday, and you must be privy to everything happening in television, then do so. — Diahann Carroll

I have a line of clothing at J.C. Penney's... and I'm lucky to be affiliated. — Diahann Carroll

Life Lessons by Diahann Carroll

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  1. Diahann Carroll was a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, breaking down racial barriers and paving the way for other African American actors and actresses.
  2. She was a strong advocate for civil rights and social justice, using her platform to speak out for equality and opportunity for all.
  3. We can learn from Diahann Carroll's example to stand up for what we believe in and strive to make a positive impact in our communities.

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