Good humor, like the jaundice, makes every one of its own complexion.

— Elizabeth Inchbald

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A man of fashion does not like to be reckoned poor, no more than he likes to be reckoned unhappy. We none of us endeavor to be happy, Sir, but merely to be thought so; and for my part, I had rather be in a state of misery, and envied for my supposed happiness, than in a state of happiness, and pitied for my supposed misery.


I assure you my professions never go beyond my intentions.


... alas! in the exercise of the arts, industry scarce bears the name of merit.


There the poor have another advantage .

.. for they may defy not only death, but every loss by sea or land, for they have nothing to lose.


I have not laughed since I married.


Tears from our sex are not always the results of grief;

they are frequently no more than little sympathetic tributes which we pay to our fellow-beings, while the mind and the heart are steeled against the weakness which our eyes indicate.