All is well that ends well

— Emily Rodda

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Fate is strange, and our destinies can be shaped by very small decisions.


A hero called Adin rose from the ranks of the people.

He was an ordinary man, a blacksmith who made swords and armor and shoes for horses. But he had been blessed with strsngth, courage, and cleverness.


A book is like a door. You walk through the cover and you don't know what you're going to find.


I always say nothing you can imagine is totally impossible.

It might be unlikely, but that's as far as I'll go.


In ancient days, Deltora was divided into seven tribes.

The tribesfought on their borders but otherwise stayed in their own place. Each had a gem from deep within the Earth, a talisman with special powers.


Seven hearts the journey make. Seven ways the hearts will break. Bravest heart will carry on When sleep is death, and hope is gone. Look in the fiery jaws of fear And see the answer white and clear, Then throw away all thoughts of home, For only then your quest is done.


You can always find time to do the thing you really, really want to do.

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