We are staunch and true and in rather a champagne mood.

— Franz Marc

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Art has always been and is in its very essence the boldest departure from nature. It is the bridge into the spirit world.


Art is nothing but the expression of our dream;

the more we surrender to it the closer we get to the inner truth of things, our dream-life, the true life that scorns questions and does not see them.


Today we are searching for things in nature that are hidden behind the veil of appearance... We look for and paint this inner, spiritual side of nature.


Like everything genuine, its inner life guarantees its truth.

All works of art created by truthful minds without regard for the work's conventional exterior remain genuine for all times...


Todayart is moving in a direction of which our fathers would never even have dreamed.We stand before the new pictures as in a dream and we hear the apocalyptic horsemen in the air.


Serious art has been the work of individual artists whose art has had nothing to do with 'style' because they were not in the least connected with the style or the needs of the masses. Their works arose rather in defiance of their times.


Whenever we have seen a crevice in the crust of convention, we have called attention to it, because we have hoped for a force underneath, which will someday come to light.


I am trying to intensify my feeling for the organic rhythm in all things, trying to establish a pantheistic contact with the tremor and flow of blood in nature, in animals, in the air - trying to make it all into a picture, with new movements and with colours that reduce our old easel paintings to absurdity.


Religions die slowly.


What appears spectral today will be natural tomorrow.


Is there a more mysterious idea than to imagine how nature is reflected in the eyes of animals?


The great artists do not seek their forms in the midst of the past, but take the deepest soundings they can of the genuine, profoundest of their age.


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I never, for instance, have the urge to paint animals 'the way I see them,' but rather the way they are... The way they themselves look at the world and feel their being


Who is able to paint the existence of a dog as Picasso paints the existence of a cubic shape?


Art will liberate itself from the needs and desires of men.

No longer will we paint a forest ora horseas we like oras theyappear to us, but as they really are.


Traditions are lovely thingsto create traditions, that is, not to live off them.