The true work of art is born from the 'artist': a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being.

— Wassily Kandinsky

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There is no must in art because art is free.


Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.


Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult.

It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.

Wassily Kandinsky quote Color is a power which directly influenc

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.


Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.


Everything starts from a dot.


The observer must learn to look at the picture as a graphic representation of a mood and not as a representation of objects.


The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.


Empty canvas. In appearance - really empty, silent, indifferent. Stunned, almost. In effect - full of tensions, with thousand subdued voices, heavy with expectations. A little frightened because it may be violated


The circle is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions.

It combines the concentric and the eccentric in a single form and in equilibrium. Of the three primary forms, it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.


The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically.


The joy of life consists in the inevitable, continual triumph of new values.


… lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and … stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to “walk about” into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want?


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Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.


Each color lives by its mysterious life.


As a picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth, or as one in blue has apparently a cooling effect, so green is only boring.


Abstract art places a new world, which on the surface has nothing to do with 'reality,' next to the 'real' world.


I applied streaks and blobs of colors onto the canvas with a palette knife, and I made them sing with all the intensity I could.


A world of colors on the palette remaining... wandering... on canvases still emerging.


The composition is the organized sum of the interior functions of every part of the work.


Painting took on a fabulous strength and splendor;

the object was discredited as an indispensable element of the picture.


An empty canvas is a living wonder - far lovelier than certain pictures.


I value those artists who embody the expression of their life.


In the hierarchy of colors, green represents the social middle class, self-satisfied, immovable, narrow.


With few exceptions, music has been for some centuries the art which has devoted itself not to the reproduction of natural phenomena, but rather to the expression of the artist's soul, in musical sound.


Everything that is dead quivers. Not only the things of poetry, stars, moon, wood, flowers, but even a white trouser button glittering out of a puddle in the street... Everything has a secret soul, which is silent more often than it speaks.


The sensations of colors on the palette can be spiritual experiences.


In general, therefore, color is a means of exerting a direct influence upon the soul. Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many strings. The artist is the hand that purposefully sets the soul vibrating by means of this or that key.


Colors produce a spiritual vibration, the impression they create is important only as a step towards this vibration.


It should not be forgotten that art is not a science where the latest 'correct' theory declares the old to be false and erases it.


The impact of the acute angle of a triangle on a circle produces an effect no less powerful than the finger of God touching the finger of Adam in Michelangelo.


Only just now awakening after years of materialism, our soul is still infected with the despair born of unbelief, of lack of purpose and aim.


The arts are encroaching one upon another, and from a proper use of this encroachment will rise the art that is truly monumental.


Our epoch is a time of tragic collision between matter and spirit and of the downfall of the purely material world view.


The world is full of resonances. It constitutes a cosmos of things exerting a spiritual action. The dead matter is a living spirit.


The life of the spirit may be fairly represented in diagram as a large acute-angled triangle divided horizontally into unequal parts with the narrowest segment uppermost. The lower the segment the greater it is in breadth, depth, and area.


Absolute green is the most restful color, lacking any undertone of joy, grief, or passion. On exhausted men this restfulness has a beneficial effect, but after a time it becomes tedious.


In place of an intensive cooperation among artists, there is a battle for goods.

Hatred, partisanship, cliques, jealousy, and intrigues are the natural consequences of an aimless, materialist art.


An empty canvas, apparently really empty, that says nothing and is without significance – almost dull, in fact – in reality, is crammed with thousands of undertone tensions and full of expectancy. Slightly apprehensive lest it should be outraged.


I let myself go. I thought little of the houses and trees, but applied colour stripes and spots to the canva... Within me sounded the memory of early evening in Moscow, before my eyes was the strong, colour-saturated scale of the Munich light and atmosphere, which thundered deeply in the shadows.


The spirit is often concealed within matter to such an extent that few people are generally capable of perceiving it.


Emotion that I experienced on first seeing the fresh paint come out of the tube.

. ..the impression of colours strewn over the palette: of colours - alive, waiting, as yet unseen and hidden in their little tubes...


Efforts to revive the art principles of the past at best produce works of art that resemble a stillborn child.


Those [things] that we encounter for the first time immediately have a spiritual effect upon us. A child, for whom every object is new, experiences the world in this way: it sees light, is attracted by it, wants to grasp it, burns its finger in the process, and thus learns fear and respect for the flame.


The word compositon moved me spiritually and I made it my aim in life to paint a composition. It affected me like a prayer and filled me with awe.


The organic laws of construction tangled me in my desires, and only with great pain, effort, and struggle did I break through these 'walls around art.


The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble.


Doubts must be resolved alone within the soul.

Otherwise one would profane one's own powerful solution.


A parallel between color and music can only be relative – just as a violin can give warm shades of tone, so yellow has shades, which can be expressed by various instruments.


Art is not vague production, transitory and isolated, but a power which must be directed to the improvement and refinement of the human soul.