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Scientific research is one of the most exciting and rewarding of occupations. — Frederick Sanger

I was married to Margaret Joan Howe in 1940. Although not a scientist herself she has contributed more to my work than anyone else by providing a peaceful and happy home. — Frederick Sanger

After taking my B.A. degree in 1939 I remained at the University for a further year to take an advanced course in Biochemistry, and surprised myself and my teachers by obtaining a first class examination result. — Frederick Sanger

Through art and science in their broadest senses it is possible to make a permanent contribution towards the improvement and enrichment of human life and it is these pursuits that we students are engaged in. — Frederick Sanger

When I was young my Father used to tell me that the two most worthwhile pursuits in life were the pursuit of truth and of beauty and I believe that Alfred Nobel must have felt much the same when he gave these prizes for literature and the sciences. — Frederick Sanger

It is like a voyage of discovery into unknown lands, seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge. It should appeal to those with a good sense of adventure. — Frederick Sanger

I and my colleagues here have been engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. — Frederick Sanger

And indeed this theme has been at the centre of all my research since 1943, both because of its intrinsic fascination and my conviction that a knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter. — Frederick Sanger

Until 1943 I received no stipend. I was able to support myself as my mother was the daughter of a relatively wealthy cotton manufacturer. — Frederick Sanger

In this atmosphere I soon became interested in nucleic acids. — Frederick Sanger

It was Neuberger who first taught me how to do research, both technically and as a way of life, and I owe much to him. — Frederick Sanger

I believe that we have been doing this not primarily to achieve riches or even honour, but rather because we were interested in the work, enjoyed doing it and felt very strongly that it was worthwhile. — Frederick Sanger

Initially I had intended to study medicine, but before going to University I had decided that I would be better suited to a career in which I could concentrate my activities and interests more on a single goal than appeared to be possible in my father's profession. — Frederick Sanger

Science is not like the Olympic Games or something where there's a lot of people all trying to win gold medals, and if you don't get a gold medal, you're nothing. There are actually a lot of people working together and contributing to the science - and the science is the important thing. — Frederick Sanger

Influenced by him, and probably even more so by my brother Theodore (a year older than me), I soon became interested in biology and developed a respect for the importance of science and the scientific method. — Frederick Sanger

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  1. Frederick Sanger's work has shown us the importance of perseverance and dedication in scientific research, as he was awarded two Nobel Prizes for his work in biochemistry.
  2. His research has also demonstrated the value of collaboration and interdisciplinary research, as his work was based on a combination of biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology.
  3. Finally, Sanger's work has highlighted the importance of understanding the structure of proteins and DNA, which is essential for understanding the biological processes of life.

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