The human brain is the highest bloom of the whole organic metamorphosis of the earth.

— Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

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The fear of speculation, the ostensible rush from the theoretical to the practical, brings about the same shallowness in action that it does in knowledge. It is by studying a strictly theoretical philosophy that we become most acquainted with Ideas, and only Ideas provide action with vigour and ethical meaning.


One is almost tempted to say that the language itself is a mythology deprived of its vitality, a bloodless mythology so to speak, which has only preserved in a formal and abstract form what mythology contains in living and concrete form.


Since it [architecture] is music in space, as it were a frozen music.


Architecture in general is frozen music.


Nature is visible Spirit; Spirit is invisible Nature.


The failure to invest in civil justice is directly related to the increase in criminal disorder. The more people feel there is injustice the more it becomes part of their psyche.


Mastery is revealed in limitation.


All rules for study are summed up in this one: learn only in order to create.


There is in every man a certain feeling that he has been what he is from all eternity, and by no means become such in time.


To achieve great things we must be self-confined...mastery is revealed in limitation.


Only he who knows God is truly moral.


...all phenomena are correlated in one absolute and necessary law, from which they can all be deduced.


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Has creation a final purpose at all, and if so why is it not attained immediately, why does perfection not exist from the very beginning?

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