Work until your idols become your rivals

— G-Dragon

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I think a beautiful person is one with a beautiful heart.


I have this disease-like need to try to create something new.

When you're kind of being chased, and everything you do goes so well, you develop this sickness and a sense of need to constantly do something different.


If I meet my ideal woman, I want to get married straight away.

And start making a world of just the two of us.


I’m very proud of Seungri. I worked over a year for my album, but one day YG told Seungri to make an album and he made one in just 2 weeks. Ah, maybe 3 weeks. He’s a true genius. I’m jealous of his propulsion.


I want to express the feelings that everyone has felt at least once in music so i think people will feel/understand my song.


I have good pronunciation no matter what language I speak.

Maybe it’s because my specialties are rapping and imitating others


Like anybody, I like clothes, and I enjoy what I like to wear.

We might have a difference in personal outfit choices. Some might not like it. But to judge someone because of their appearance is pretty foolish. If you have time to do that, I suggest you look at yourself in the mirror and spend more time developing yourself. Come on, it's 2013.


I want to say it to so many people, 'why you have to be so serious?' And I also want people to think 'this kid has really gone crazy' when they see my performance on the stage. Luckily, I am able to achieve all of these.


Seungri sounds mournful while T.O.P has a masculine and husky voice. My voice is thin, just like when I talk


When I am doing music, I sometimes become over compulsive to 'always make some new music'. I think I am like this because I sense what others are perceiving me as. If I work extraordinarily hard because of these expectations, I will, but I just cannot produce the good music that I want.


I don't want to go to a foreign country and get lumped into that genre.

I'm just looking at the bigger picture. This K-pop title might be good for now, but looking ahead it could hold me back, like a prison of sort. I'm a little wary about that.


I think a business guy is different from an artist.

They walk different paths. Artists create the best outputs when they're having fun. And when a good business partner supports them from the side, it creates great synergy. When someone's trying to do both, I think the music gets bad and the business gets bad, too.


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BIGBANG is the band that i myself am a big fan of


I don't really think I know myself. I don't quite get how K-pop is functioning. But I'm certain that we need to grab the approval when we have the chance.


What we should really fear is not failure but the heart that is no longer brave enough to take risks and embrace challenges


It's better to be hated than ignored.


I’m just doing what i like and people can just enjoy it. There’s nothing more than that.


We’ve been proud of the fact that we were known for our music first and it has been what makes us work harder


Since the whole world is now concerned more about K-pop, I want to make more great songs which can be listed to as classics.


I want to show my true self, not how I want to be seen by others.


When I am making music, I am growing at the same time, ain't I?


Seungri, are you listening? I love you.


I only wear clothes because I can't walk around with nothing on, but they started calling me a fashionista.


When I was producing the first solo album, i just wanted to convey some messages through it. The message was 'no blood will come out even if I am pinned' However, after trying out different kinds of music activities, I started to change and wanted to convey my real emotion that I have in my everyday life. I want to express the feelings that everyone has felt at least once, in music so I think people will feel/understand my songs.


Am I in a relationship? Yeah. I'm already in a relationship with everybody that likes me.


Kill them with success and bury them with a big smile


I think we’re at the stage where we’re not musicians but not idols either.

In a way, we also feel bad for being called idols


The only thing I have to do in life is die. Everything else is a choice... including breathing.


I'm the most comfortable when I'm at home resting doing nothing.

I feel the most myself when I'm with music.


They (TVXQ) really are the perfect sunbaes.


You know if you're in Rome, live in the Roman way.

I grew up there, I was born there, and so I should follow its guidelines, live like a Korean. And I really love Korea. I grew up listening to Korean music, and was able to get to where I am because of it.