Golfers don't scream. Golfers just adjust the pleats in their pants and go from there. That's about as antagonistic as we get.

— Gary McCord

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If you are going to make a change, don't go halfway.

Make it with conviction and stick with your new idea. Ignore the scoffers. Remember, it is a law of nature that if something is different you're going to be taunted, jeered, and told the world is flat. Let the doubters fall off the edge.


They don't cut the greens here at Augusta. they use bikini wax.


He's got an overall flair for the game.

It looks to me like he really loves what he does and he can't wait to get up in the morning, go hit some balls and go play.


I'm nearsighted in my right eye, have glaucoma in my left, and the nerves in my hands are on Medicare. Basically, I'm on the wrong end of a short sale.


Think of golf as chess. You have to think two or three moves ahead every time you hit the ball. Over every shot, you should be thinking, 'Where do I need to put this ball in order to make my next shot as easy as possible.


I don't putt face-on exclusively, but in the back on my mind I'm haunted by the notion that I'm sure it's the best way to putt.


I hate to repeat lines, to say the same damned thing.

I try to rewrite cliches and make what I say sound fresh.


He's in the mold of a Tom Watson, in that he'll hit the ball in the trees and undaunted go it there, flail it out and make something out of it.


My interest in magic was kindled by Steve Martin, the comedian I'd gone to high school with.


My career started slowly and then tapered off.


In Valdosta, Ga., during a mini-tour event, a player named James Black bet me $20 he could put five golf balls in his mouth and then close his mouth all the way. I tried it but could get only two in there.


Many years ago, in the throes of my struggles on the PGA Tour, I had difficulty even getting into pro-ams. I needed money, so I put together a 45-minute magic show I'd perform at corporate events surrounding the tournament.


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I made nothing happen very slowly.


He hits the ball a long way and he knows how to win.


The first time I played a PGA Tour event at Tucson was 1975.

I came off the course on Sunday feeling very good about myself. I'd finished at even par, and I knew I could play even better if I worked at it.

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