In golf your strengths and weaknesses will always be there. If you could improve your weaknesses, you would improve your game. The irony is that people prefer to practice their strengths.

— Harvey Penick

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All seasoned players know, or at least have felt, that when you are playing your best, you are much the same as in a state of meditation. You are free of tension and chatter. You are concentrating on one thing. It is the ideal condition for good golf.


I don't care how good you play, you can find somebody who can beat you, and I don't care how bad you play, you can find somebody you can beat.


Golf tips are like aspirin. One may do you good, but if you swallow the whole bottle you will be lucky to survive.


The woods are full of long drivers.


I learn teaching from teachers. I learn golf from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.


Life is full of many minor annoyances, and few matters of real consequence.


If you play poorly one day, forget it.

If you play poorly the next time out, review your fundamentals of grip, stance, aim and ball position. Most mistakes are made before the club is swung. If you play poorly for a third time in a row, go see your professional.


Golf has probably kept more people sane than psychiatrists have.


In my opinion, no young player can develop his or her game to its highest potential if he or she rides around the course in a golf cart.


Looking up is the biggest alibi ever invented to explain a terrible shot.

By the time you look up, you've already made the mistake.


Be brave if you lose and meek if you win.


Make a game out of practice, you're still a child at heart


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A pretty girl will always have the toughest time learning to play golf, because every man wants to give her lessons.


I see things written about the golf swing that I can't believe will work except by accident .


I compare the pressure of a golf shot with making an extra point in basketball.

The player starts from a full stop, and that rim doesn't move.


Lessons are not to take the place of practice, but to make practice worthwhile.


Go out and have fun. Golf is a game for everyone, not just for the talented few.


You don't lose your swing between the ninth green and the tenth tee, and you don't lose your swing from one day to the next. If you think you do, something is going on that you don't understand. A diary might help explain it to you.


If you play golf, you are my friend.


A good putter is a match for anyone. A bad putter is a match for no one.


No matter how poorly you play, there is always someone you can beat.

No matter how well you play, there is always someone who can beat you.


A golfer rarely needs to hit a spectacular shot until the one that preceded it was pretty bad.


Never try a shot you haven't practised.


Be yourself. Play within yourself. Play your own game.