One would think that [persecution] would be an obstacle to church growth when joining the church meant a death sentence. And yet, the age of persecution was the greatest period of church growth in history.

— Gene Veith

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When I go into a restaurant, the waitress who brings me my meal, the cook in the back who prepared it, the delivery men, the wholesalers, the workers in the food-processing factories, the butchers, the farmers, the ranchers, and everyone else in the economic food chain are all being used by God to “give me this day my daily bread.”


It is hard to witness to truth to people who believe truth is relative.

It is hard to proclaim the forgiveness of sins to people who believe that, since morality is relative, they have no sins to forgive.


When the church encounters hardship, persecution, and suffering, then it is closest to its crucified Lord. Then there are fewer hypocrites and nominal believers among its members, and then the faith of Christians burns most intensely.


Those who think all religions are the same look at the wrappings instead of the content.


That the arts are corrupt does not mean that Christians can abandon them.

On the contrary, the corruption of the arts means that Christians dare not abandon them any longer.


Those who attempt to evangelize the culture by imitating its forms must beware lest the culture evangelize them.

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