To be alive is to be addicted, and to be alive and addicted is to stand in need of grace.

— Gerald May

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Grief is neither a disorder nor a healing process;

it is a sign of health itself, a whole and natural gesture of love. Nor must we see grief as a step toward something better. No matter how much it hurts-and it may be the greatest pain in life-grief can be an end in itself, a pure expression of love.


Willfulness must give way to willingness and surrender. Mastery must yield to mystery.


Peace is not something you can force on anything or anyone.

.. much less upon one's own mind. It is like trying to quiet the ocean by pressing upon the waves. Sanity lies in somehow opening to the chaos, allowing anxiety, moving deeply into the tumult, diving into the waves, where underneath, within, peace simply is.


I would prefer a thousand mistakes in extravagance of love to any paralysis in wariness of fear.


Seek the truth, not what is comfortable. Seek the real, not the easy.


Mysterious as it may be, there is something wonderful at the heart of our existence, and it is about nothing other than love; love for God, love for one another, love for creation, love for life itself.


The difference between work and play is only a matter of attitude. Work, fully done, is play.


Addiction is not something we can simply take care of by applying the proper remedy. For it is in the very nature of addiction to feed on our attempts to master it.


Zen is not about eliminating thoughts but illuminating them.


But love's true nature remains forever beyond the grasp of all our faculties.

It is far greater than any feeling or emotion and completely surpasses any act of human kindness. It is the one sheer gift of contemplation, completely unattainable by autonomous human effort. The realization of this love always remains mysterious.


True growth is a process which one allows to happen rather than causes to happen.


Honesty before God requires the most fundamental risk of faith we can take: the risk that God is good, that God does love us unconditionally. It is in taking this risk that we rediscover our dignity. To bring the truth of ourselves, just as we are, to God, just as God is, is the most dignified thing we can do in this life.


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We have this idea that everyone should be totally independent, totally whole, totally together spiritually, totally fulfilled. That is a myth. In reality, our lack of fulfillment is the most precious gift we have. It is the source of our passion, our creativity, our search for God. All the best of life comes out of our human yearning, our not being satisfied.


When the desire is too much to bear, we often bury it beneath frenzied thoughts and activities or escape it by dulling our immediate consciousness of living. It is possible to run away from the desire for years, even decades, at a time, but we cannot eradicate it entirely. It keeps touching us in little glimpses and hints in our dreams, our hopes, our unguarded moments.


In every feeling, look deeply. Explore without ceasing. At bottom, love is.


To experience a little hunger now and then can be a beautiful reminder of the deeper hunger of our souls.


Blessings sometimes come through brokenness that could never come in any other way.

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