When a person is resolute [determined, sold out, dedicated, single-minded] in his faith and recognizes God's Presence everywhere, he is protected from all sides.

— Gloria Copeland

The most joyful Gloria Copeland quotes that will add value to your life

What you do with your eyes in some cases is a matter of life and death.

To look at focus on the sickness brings death. To look at focus on God's Word brings life.


God's will concerning financial prosperity and abundance is clearly revealed in the Scriptures.


Prayer does not cause faith to work, faith causes prayer to work.


There has never been a miracle drug that could equal the Word of God.

God's medicine is the answer to every need.


It is easy in ministry or in life, to begin to rely on acquired knowledge instead of fresh knowledge revealed. We must maintain our union with Him to enjoy fresh oil and then there is no old oil. The life of God or presence of God can't be stored, it has to be current. It is a well of life, continually outflowing.


If you are sad and depressed, that means you're not believing God.