Think positive, and don't listen to anyone telling you 'you can't.' You can. Trust me.

— Gregg Sulkin

The most fulfilling Gregg Sulkin quotes that may be undiscovered and unusual

Gotta love speaking to the mother. What a unique and adorable woman.


When I was young I was very close to my parents.

I never liked staying at my mates' houses, I always wanted to be with my parents and then suddenly at 17 I was like, "Oh well, maybe I should just move half way around the world."


Basically, growing up, and being a teenage kid, I've always been interested in charity. And one of the benefits of being on a TV show and having a fan base, you kind of have the power to spread news around.


I like the team effort of everyone pulling together to make one good project.


I love sports, and when I was playing soccer, I was always trying to be the leader on the team and the one who takes control.


The Jewish community is all about love and family, which is the most important thing in my life, too.


Ever since I was young, I played sports.


I feel like a new person. Not because of my career, but just because of what I've had to go through to pursue my career.